Internet Child Safety Public Service Announcement – A Cautionary Tale

December 20, 201325 Comments

A Public Service Announcement on child safety. The video was produced and developed by the Teen Advisory Board of the Mesquite Branch Library, Phoenix Public Library.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. fantagelafs123 says:


  2. pyrostrike uk says:

    we keep begging young people to be careful and sensible on the internet but
    some just never get the message remember Amanda Todd

  3. Sumkrazyguy55 says:

    Oh fuck, i have a friend on fb named alex gomez

  4. DonGooked says:

    what is rule 30?

  5. Kayt Collett says:

    He’s a creep wtf!!! Can people really do that

  6. ***Bored*** says:

    Damn now I’m scared.

  7. goddamnkids75 says:

    What for saying my opinon. I bet you are one of the assholes who rage at
    everybody and trys to poke a e-fight. Well buddy what do you have to say.

  8. blaztor says:

    Amazing just to read how everybody tries to make a joke and play smart on
    videos that are trying to help and keep you aware. I am sure the ones who
    got rape or murder are not laughing that much. This is just like those
    fuckers who play with evil witchcraft shit pretending to be bad-ass fuckers
    and when the devils shows up himself it takes just seconds for them to shit
    their pants! STUPID PEOPLE!

  9. Hamster1440 says:


  10. JamesTavRule says:

    Hahaha lots of ppl have dogs. She freaked when someone guessed she had a
    dog. XD I could go online and randomly say you have a nice dog.

  11. IamMiaow says:

    XD The dog thing XD

  12. Simly Sims says:

    tisk tisk im coming for you xD

  13. Diego Cabral says:

    Best pedophile ever I think so

  14. mightybfool C says:

    Lol having good grades has nothing to do with common sense

  15. mightybfool C says:

    Lmao MySpace…. Home phone number lol

  16. RedTangoo says:

    What’s the song called at the start?

  17. Elliebean1440 says:

    How do I know

  18. realkatez says:

    wut r the namez of these tunez???

  19. andrea cruz says:

    MySpace hahahahhahah

  20. ChallangeBurner says:

    haha Cooler film lol

  21. Daniella G. says:


  22. Kelthire says:

    Quite a funky and upbeat music for a creepy video lol

  23. ellierattue says:


  24. max tapia says:


  25. choco mail says:

    lol the middle, “also there’s this guy online who wants to meet me at the

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