Internet Safety for children

April 15, 201317 Comments

Here are some safety tips for your children when talking to someone they do not know on the internet.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. RECfilms says:

    if you want to watch a short film on Internet Safety check out my video “Internet Safety” by RECfilms

  2. miamovi says:

    Everyone on the internet is a 65 year old pedophile!

    Remember kids! There is not such thing as a girl on the interwebs!

  3. gametalkTV says:

    lol that was grate

  4. Sarah Stuart says:

    The scariest part was that that actually happens about once a day or more to some innocent teen or child.

  5. Abshorty524 says:

    THe right thing to do is to not go om IM, but this was a good example to kids and people my age, I’d rather not say it, though.

  6. Joe Nowak says:

    I still use Instant Messaging but i NEVER EVER give out personal information

  7. Abshorty524 says:

    Good idea!

  8. jurrasicfive says:

    all this stuff is extemly obvious don`t give out your home adress don`t give them your last name etc etc. these videos don`t really help that much they should include what tricks rapist use and how to avoid them.

  9. Joe Nowak says:

    of course.

  10. Supersmooth007 says:

    Great thanks….what makes it really bad for some people expecially the younger generation is the fact that when you are genuine,and really do want to meet someone then it spoils it because every child will effiliate or associate you as a paedophile. Lets say someone smashed a windo at School and the whole class got grounded because that one stupid person dosen’t own up thus consequently spoiling it for others!. Such a shame this is the new evil in our society.

  11. Exarian says:

    my real name sounds so made up that even if I told you, you’d think I’m lieing;.

  12. VictoryandFriends says:

    it seems obvious to you, but so many kids do it…a lot of them without even being asked…I’ve experienced it myself…they just think adults are the bad guys ruining their fun so much of the time. I mean why would anyone want to hurt them? BECAUSE THERE ARE MESSED UP PEOPLE OUT THERE. PERIOD! I’m fortunate enough to have been taught from day one all that stuff…if only more parents did that stuff and monitored what their kids were doing…Such a shame the way society is today =(

  13. starburst443344 says:

    wow that is really a learning thing!!!!!
    i never actually thought bout it!!!!!

  14. SamanthaChurchill says:

    Wow, that was actually really helpful! Thanx for posting this video!!! 🙂

  15. KinzCove says:

    Very nice video. 2 police officers used it to teach us at an internet safety lesson at our school.

  16. wwfheavyweight says:

    A very useful video! Kids must be protected. I’m not a overprotective parent, but I don’t want to see my kids in danger.
    I give liberty to my kids to choose, but It is a time when you must say “no” to someone you “know” on net.

  17. Amy1515Will1515 says:

    i watched this at school and luv it. it teaches children about internet safety. i showed it to my siblings and boy did they learn a lesson

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