Internet Safety – Newsround Caught In The Web (9 Feb 2010)

April 10, 201325 Comments Internet Safety – Newsround Caught In The Web (9 Feb 2010)

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. amber24930 says:

    pause 2:40

  2. Angel Baby says:

    That’s something my mom would say xD

  3. Angel Baby says:

    This was interesting…very colorful.

  4. HarryPotterFan585 says:

    I don’t chat, I write and read stories… wow i’m such a nerd lol

  5. darthspeaks says:

    Um, OK, is that Stephanie from my niece’s favorite show?

  6. TheLalaMega says:

    My head is aching from this stupidiy. 

  7. KatzRule45 says:

    It’s narrated by David Tennant! :O I never knew the doctor narrated…o.O

  8. alai farlin says:

    Wats this game websit I wanna play this game

  9. alai farlin says:

    It’s kool

  10. GUCCI4126 says:

    Ilove this

  11. NoelleC4 says:

    Well not really because people (especially the majority of 11-13 year olds) have NO IDEA who’s trust-worthy online, unless they ask an adult.

  12. izzy pendleton says:

    2:32 doctor who poster! :DD

  13. ConstantlyStirring says:

    Wait. Is that David Tennants voice?

  14. parismarie224 says:

    This has always been me. I make better friends on the internet than in real life because no one likes what i like, where i live

  15. alai farlin says:

    I like that game can unell me the web sit plzzzzz

  16. alai farlin says:

    Can u tell the website

  17. Bayley Butterworth says:

    wow that boy has a girly bag

  18. Lydia Wylie says:

    I started watching all these Bullying suicide, distracted driving, stranger danger videos…Im gonna go back to Smosh now :c

  19. nichola amy says:

    watched this at school


    is that a real website wonderwebworld ?

  21. CiaoThao says:

    Alrightly. Hello there. 🙂 My name is Thao. I’m 11. o-o That’s all I will say about my personal information. I go on my computer more than anyone in my class. And my parents are perfectly fine with it. They know that I’m mature enough to avoid problems on the internet. Reality isn’t as great as my online life. But I try to be as normal as I can in in both worlds. On Facebook, All my school friends are in my friend list.

  22. lornrhymeswithcorn says:

    David Tennant …

  23. Olivia S says:

    omfg its DAVID TENNANT. What are you even doing here? o:

  24. maxis zeronine says:

    wow this was good

  25. spazzycat28 says:

    David Tennant. Omg that voice

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