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The internet is a valuable resource tool for a child’s education and a great way to keep in touch with family & friends. But there are also hidden dangers lurking on the internet. Watch this video and learn some tips on child safety.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. ashley ward says:

    very fucking good

  2. Fruity Sloth says:

    It will be very awkward lol

  3. TheBeautyqueen32 says:

    @1981jilly i would die without it. but i dont meet up with strangers.

  4. swagnarok says:

    @Shelbyshelbyshelby15 Viva rule 34 lol

  5. TheMileycard says:

    Shelbyshelbyshelby i kno rite!

  6. Zoogirl24 says:

    STRANGER DANGER!!!! AHH! lol: call 911 … NAAAH CALL 345 ? pshh

  7. HyperBlueGaming says:

    Anybody who falls for this is just plain stupid and needs to get off the internet before they can learn how to operate it with a level of safety…

  8. joanna frattalone says:

    One of my friends Acually I was so surprised what she did she was on a social networking site like looking up random people and then came across a man that she knew was 20 and the guy knew she was 12 I was like why the hell r u dating him then he one day gave him her adress and talked and made out and almost had unprotected sex . Well that’s is how much info I can give for everyone

  9. micheal fitzgerald says:

    i have the laptop the boy is using

  10. serapikumi says:

    wanna to hang out

  11. reenacts says:

    when all else fails type lol

  12. Sammi1502 says:

    i know

  13. Megaera Campbell says:

    c u saturday 

  14. Caroline Brown says:

    Yes, the internet’s potentially dangerous. POTENTIALLY. While it’s good to be safe, pretending that literally everyone on the internet is a creeper is just the wrong way to do things.
    One of the facts had to do with the fact that kids’ parents don’t watch them using the internet. How many of them used it IMPROPERLY?
    It also said that a huge number of people had met online friends. How many of them turned out to be creepers? How many of the kids were with guardians at the time?

  15. Kakarot says:

    Little children attract so many pedo’s……Such a sick world we live in.

  16. Sarah260297 says:

    “2/3 of Canadian Youth say that their parents never sit with them while they surf the internet.” Isn’t that pretty normal??

  17. Rhiann Ainsworth says:

    They gave the girl a blanket, was she in shock?

  18. saitheninjedi says:

    So around 0:44, the lass is sitting in her chair, typing. She’s actually sitting up straight. Does anyone even do that whole posture thing any more?

  19. Red Robin says:


  20. oscarm00 says:

    They keep you from getting hurt.

  21. spaarky2603415 says:

    this video is 4 years old

  22. Marxist-Leninist-Maoist says:


  23. Kakarot says:


  24. SparkleForLife1 says:

    Never share! it will be scary before you know it 🙁

  25. Shelby Zell says:

    Ewwww old creepy guy!!!!

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