Keeping Children Safe Online – Advice For Parents On Child Safety

June 16, 201316 Comments

Here is a video on keeping your children safe online. The Video gives parents advice on how to keep children safe while using the internet.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. pjvdixon says:

    Please do comment here on these complex issues – and rate the video (stars above). Also Favourite if you want to help others find the video. Thanks.

  2. biantai888 says:

    In the children’s section in the local public library in my area, the children crowd around a few PCs set up for them to use the Internet. It is monitored by a staff member.

    The kids are ignoring the books in favor of the computers. What the kids are looking at online is horrendously insipid! I am deeply concerned about corporate content for children.

  3. DakotaZ162 says:

    Thank you for this.

  4. tickyul says:

    I read that 85% of the abuse of kids is done by family or a person close and trusted by the family/child. Sure, you have to watch strangers around you kids, but according to statistics you better watch grandpa, babysitter, priest, teacher, etc, etc. The really horrible cases such as the Chelsea King murder are a rarity, abuse by family is a lot more common.

  5. pjvdixon says:

    You are correct – most sexual abuse of children is by people they know (well). Sadly a significant part of it is stepfathers living in the home.

  6. pjvdixon says:

    Glad you found this helpful.

  7. DakotaZ162 says:

    What are your opinions on the currents bills of internet censorship?

  8. tickyul says:

    @pjvdixon: Yep, males are natural predators, that is the nature of the beast.

    It is like when a female lion comes back from giving birth to cubs. When she introduces them to the pride, she will be lucky if the male does not kill them.

  9. pjvdixon says:

    Well I am not sure I like the analogy. The vast majority of men are not predators and I am concerned that language like this may seek some men to justify abnormal and immoral acts.

  10. tickyul says:

    @pjvdixon: I think you are right, I did not do a good job of explaining myself. But, I think it would be beneficial to realize that each gender has its good and bad points. Men, in general are smarter, stronger and more inventive than women. But on the downside, men are more violent, reckless and prone to commit crime…that is just a fact. Most men do not become predators, but men are much more likely than women to be predators.

  11. pjvdixon says:

    Issue:  do you feel your own children are safe online? Action:

  12. tickyul says:

    I actually do not have kids, do not really like them-too irritating. I think that kids online have to be watched really carefully, they are looking for trouble.

  13. Alan Horton says:

    This. I cannot agree more. But Americans are obsessed with convenience. Want your kids out of your hair? Plop ’em down in front of Youtube, set it and forget it.

  14. jkdyoung says:

    Excellent video, thank you very much for the education. I have three boys and the internet is a scary thing to imagine with them. I use it a lot and I know what one can find out and get into on the internet!

  15. TheMrSpartanking says:

    Look, I am 14, I recommend talking to them and not blocking them or watching them or anything invasive like that. Chat with them about the dangers about the internet. And the reason I recommend not watching them or anything is because you should be able to trust that he won’t do that, they appreciate space, so don’t put your nose in everything they do. Give them freedom and you will be re payed.

  16. BlueJarw03 says:

    Kids that are on an online site like ROBLOX become jerks like when someone tells them to hide their username and password and they say ” I’m not stupid!” and they sit for hours like nerds.

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