Kevin Hart Pre-Bullies His Own Kids – CONAN on TBS

February 22, 201525 Comments

If you’re going to live in Kevin Hart’s house, you must understand that he’s a big deal.

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  1. Jenise Davis says:

    Kevin Hart B Joking….He Don’t Do That Shit To His Kids…But Everybody
    Love Him…If U Hating That Mean U Broke!! <3 lbvs

  2. ichisuke uchiha says:

    see? even conan couldn’t handle how funny kevin is.

  3. ScratchN Sniff says:

    While, not to the extent he’s talking about here, it kind of is a good
    parenting style.
    Being a ginger I grew up getting a load of stick, but I was never bullied
    because I’d give back just as well as what I got. Often better.

    You come to expect it, and it breaks the ice with people if you can have a
    good jape. It means you can laugh at yourself, too. And that’s important.
    You don’t get upset at what people say, you don’t get into serious
    confrontations because you build up a sense of humour, you can laugh your
    way out of fights… God knows I’ve done that… And it builds a good wit,
    which is the basis for a good life.

    People reacting negatively to this…. are just soft. Grow a backbone.

  4. Alejandro Loza says:

    He should team up with Gabriel Iglesias.

  5. Svetoslav Parvanov says:

    I can’t stand this host… fakes laugh I’ve ever heard.

  6. Jade Carter says:

    What parent doesn’t make fun of their own kids sometimes? Sometimes my mom
    looks at me and says “Damn… You black as shhh.” and I’m just like “..You
    too” :]

  7. roberij05 says:

    Usually when people joke around being narcissistic pewople hate it. But
    Kevin pulls it off

  8. Caroline Amour says:

    His sarcasm is on point 

  9. traven64 says:

    he’s like a fake kanye…..kanye literally thinks he’s a big
    deal…..kevin… acting… he’s a big deal

  10. alistahr says:

    people actually think he’s being serious? self deprecating comedy guys,
    he’s making himself sound like crap for your amusement

  11. ben c says:

    Man these fucking tbs add takes ages to load for me… fucking tbs.

  12. OkItsJustSean says:

    black comedians joke about what people feel shouldn’t really be joked
    about. That’s what makes it funny.

  13. E Park says:

    You know some people are stupid when they don’t realize that a COMEDIAN is
    making a JOKE. 

  14. Daniel Gornall says:

    that guy at the side scares the crap out of me every time he speaks, he is
    a ninja!

  15. DeAndre .P says:

    I thought this was a common practice. My family talks trash about each
    other all the time. One time some dudes tried to bully me and I didn’t even
    realize it cause they didn’t say anything I haven’t already heard. lol

  16. TacticalLoL says:

    He’s actually hilarious when he’s improv, he’s a stand up comedian get him
    off these shitty comedy movies before he ruins his career.

  17. THE HASH says:

    Its actually smart to do that type of stuff. my parents joked with me when
    I was 10ish on, and it desensitized me to mean comments in school. 

  18. Tony Vega says:


  19. Jon A.C. says:

    I don’t know why but I seen this guy’s stand up and I personally don’t
    think he’s that funny. Like that’s just how I feel. I come at people real
    and I’m not gonna agree with people about Kevin Hart being funny anymore
    than I would agree Frozen is a good movie with good music

  20. Lembi L says:

    Nahhhh i think he s serious….i mean i dont laugh at his jokes on a show i
    saw of his..he is kinda funny here though:PP cant he be buddy-bullying on
    his kids????whatz dere so hard not to believe:/// n does every single
    person close to him love hia comedy???:P

  21. Katelin Kent says:

    I’m so confused how he gets gigs. I went to a Kevin Hart movie and fell
    asleep like 6 months ago. you’ll never be Dave chapelle, he is candidly
    hilarious in the drop of a dime. An absolute great. The voices and
    impressions, stand up and sketches are non stop gold. Chris Rock, funny
    often.. Steve Harvey. He can make a facial expression and make u crack up,
    watch him on family feud, pure candid funny stuff. Mike Epps is a hit or
    miss, but he’s definitely funny. Kevin Hart has none of these traits….

  22. adam brothwood says:

    Ye know those novelty museums where the furniture is huge!? The whole world
    must be like that for Kevin Hart

  23. Crystal Gnosis says:

    kevin hart wasnt ready for interviews this time

  24. DomTron88 says:

    That’s a good practice–to point out things that may be said about you at
    school before the students do. It desensitizes the child so the reaction
    won’t be a negatively charged one, but rather it may incite memories of
    loving parents and/or humor. The kid can then make the choice to use this
    to their advantage. Right on Kevin. You are definitely on to something

  25. 고운 says:

    if they get the humor yes, but It does makes me remember how michael
    jackson had to get plastic surgery on his nose because his dad was abusive
    and he had trauma that his father gave him saying ‘your nose is too ugly’ I
    know it’s not the case, his comedian and all. but just to say, some kids
    some people are really sensitive, and you should really careful around

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