Kidnapped Women Rescued From A House In Cleveland

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The unbelievable story of three women and a child who were rescued from a house in Cleveland continues to stun the world as investigations proceed. The kidnapper had concealed any sign that could signal the presence of suffering people in the house until one of the women, Amanda Berry, screamed for help.

Kidnapped Women Rescued From This House In Cleveland

Kidnapped Women Rescued From This House In Cleveland

It was then that a next door neighbor, Charles Ramsey, came to their rescue. The witness broke the door to free the women. Amanda Berry had lived in captivity for ten years.

The captor, Ariel Castro, has already been arrested and is facing various charges. The victims narrated how the captor tricked them before kidnapping them. He would lure them into his car after which he would take them to the house never to let them free. The house in Cleveland was a place of suffering for the three women. They faced all sorts of harassment from the captor. Amanda Berry conceived and gave birth while in captivity, about 4 years after she was kidnapped.

Perhaps it was the suffering, lack of freedom and the drive to reunite with relatives that pushed Amanda to call for help. Her screams attracted a neighbor, Charles Ramsey, who broke the door. Presence of chains and ropes in the house showed how the captor was determined to retain the three women. The three women and the child had suffered enough in the house in Cleveland to bear anymore.

According to Ramsey, he felt fooled by the whole drama. He says that his neighbor, the alleged kidnapper, seemed calm, just acting normal. Ramsey would see him at the rear of his house just chilling. Once in a while he would hear music playing from the neighbor’s house, no noise, no shouts for help, no wailing, just music and Castro.

Ramsey reiterates that he could not suspect anything was going on at the house in Cleveland. They would listen to Salsa music together and even ate some ribs together during their occasional barbeques.

The house in Cleveland was later cordoned off by police as a crime scene as investigations were underway.

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