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September 12, 201325 Comments

Interactive bullying resource for young children – demonstration. Lessons 4 Life has developed the best interactive resource to help you educate and communicate with your child. Every child has the right to feel safe. Lets work together to minimize the harmful affects of bullying on today’s children.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. taliascott91 says:

    children should be encouraged to talk about bullying. a lot of kids would feel embarrassed to share they’ve been bullied or would be threatened not to tell.

  2. jewelsstephanie says:

    unfortunately there’s no guidebook or textbook that teaches you how to be a parent

  3. nad1aem says:

    I’ve thought exactly the same thing when my 14-year-old started changing and getting into his rebellious stage … I was feeling like I was doing everything wrong and at the same time I didn’t know any better.

  4. Bella923ful says:

    it doesn’t take to look any further than just turn the TV on, bullying is getting on a totally new level and taking new forms ever day. cyberbullying is one of them

  5. Camillegr8 says:

    bullying is a cruel and dangerous behavior which shouldn’t be tolerated under any circumstances

  6. Kevin61451 says:

    it’s just one of those things everybody knows is wrong but we keep on tolerating

  7. theresameyers22 says:

    great resource! priceless, I’d say! thanks!

  8. tiphanyperez says:

    just got it and totally love it!

  9. stevenstracy96 says:

    I’m dealing with a bullying situation at my daughter’s preschool right now. I took a look and I find this resource really helpful.

  10. MrChristopheplantier says:

    I’d agree with you. Helping children to fight bullying is a very important skill every parent should be equipped with. After all, who does your little one run to when they’re in trouble? you!

  11. Bella923ful says:

    true! kids know mommy and daddy know best!

  12. CelinaJCQ says:

    me too! it’s just what parents need!

  13. CorinneBNRD says:

    We had a severe bullying situation at school and now that I’m better educated, I feel much more confident as a parent.

  14. jbonnerot890 says:

    bullies rely on victims being scared to death so they won’t share with anyone, so the most challenging part is parents getting their children to talk when something’s wrong.

  15. TheMjenkins66 says:

    in no way are children too young for multimedia! there’s actually something amazing about kids and multimedia. the younger the generation the more comfortable they feel with computers and technology.

  16. melanieberts says:

    children love multimedia. it’s some grown-ups that feel threatened by it 🙂

  17. myiramgudenberg says:

    multimedia is fun in itself. children adore it and retain information presented that way better

  18. robertacollins1966 says:

    as far as my daughter is concerned, she’ll remember some information typed on a computer screen easier than something written on a piece of paper 🙂

  19. Lil Nunni says:

    ay , ya’ll check out my No Bullying video Im a 7 yr old rapper. Shout out to the girl i made it for that was being bullied at school

  20. asmaa1301 says:

    no bulling

  21. fivequotes says:

    as a parent all you want is the best for your kids

  22. suzan arab says:

    omg to stoopid

  23. selena deleon says:

    no is not

  24. fasterthanyou33 says:

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  25. PaperRoseMovie says:

    cool 🙂

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