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Kids talk about the effects of bullying.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. vita nursantono says:

    these kids are just so smart! what do they eat?

  2. kayla kakekayash says:

    i saw a bully and he was bullying my frind i got mad so i say stop what do you do if som1 do that to you? and he stop and he stop

  3. Luv2Blovd13 says:

    I think you should be allowed to fight back if someone hurts you. After all, as a human being you have the absolute right to defend yourself. And beating the shit out of a bully is only the good choice if they attack you first. Telling a teacher or princible does nothing, and it only make’s it worse for yourself because the bully will try to hurt you even more, and call you a taddle tailer. The only solution is showing the bully he can’t mess with you or shit is going to go down.

  4. Soupmaster101 says:

    I think the kid did the right thing in defending himself. The bully wasn’t just doing verbal abuse but physical abuse to the other kid. The other kid was purely defending himself. the kid doesn’t attack again after he picks up the bully and throws him. Self defense should be just that defending oneself when attacked and as a last resort meaning you should not provoke someone to attack you. If the bully doesn’t attack or commit physical abuse then the victim shouldn’t attack either.

  5. MsBlindman12 says:

    You should meet my teacher. If you make 3 mistakes he’ll yell at you like heck.

  6. joseph butler says:

    i agree with you guys

  7. فهد الدهيش says:

    I hate bullying

  8. Divfloshow says:

    I’m bullyid :'(

  9. Fate Bow says:

    Ik this was two weeks ago but.. Wow. Good for you. 🙂

  10. 864awesomeness says:

    i have been bullied all my life beacuse i’m overwhight. when ever i tell a teacher they don’t do anything to help.

  11. TheFineBros says:

    Follow us on Facebook (Iink in description) to know what we’ll be having everyone react to next! Thanks for watching! – The Fine Brothers

  12. TheFineBros says:

    We’ve made over 100 episodes of various React episodes with Kids, Teens, and Elders! Be sure to click the link in the description to watch them all! Who knows, maybe the video you suggested in the comments has already been made!

  13. ApplesStudios says:

    Amen to that Bro.

  14. Matthew Diez says:

    One word self defense.

  15. unicornityable says:


  16. Corey Harper says:

    Im so sorry i would help u

  17. eminm44 says:

    Hi I,m blaize I get bulled

  18. eminm44 says:

    I get bullied a lot  at school and I,m in 5th grade

  19. Zeke Demo says:

    I do indeed feel bad for you I get bullied all the time too

  20. MaRCo LeO says:

    i confess that i bullied a kid but now i m going to apologize him….

  21. Gustavo Da Costa says:

    me to

  22. blaewe says:

    Wen one bully starts there are some other kids are folowing him so the not being bulyd wenn you take out the one who is bullyng the most it wil stop ore gets less

  23. Zain Shahzad says:

    do wwe

  24. yves lambert says:

    Which is the bad guy

  25. soodana nachiketh says:

    life is all about how you carry yourself and how much you believe in yourself , not what other think of you . Stand up to yourself

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