Kindergarten Teacher And Aide Caught On Tape Bullying Students

September 22, 201325 Comments

A kindergarten teacher and teachers aide is caught on tape bullying a class of 22 five and six year old children. This happened at Buffalo Elementary School in Putnam County WV under the eye of principal Mike Mullins who did nothing to stop it.

This was recorded with a Sony ICD-UX70 Digital Voice recorder. In the end, the teacher and aide are suspended for 1 month without pay, after 1 year pf paid leave, the teacher then retired and the aide went right back into the classroom.

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  1. Rabbit pulse says:

    then you’re a totally awesome teacher! I’ve had a couple of awesome teachers like you….& I appreciate teachers like you soOo much! GBU!

  2. kiryuandgodzillagirl says:

    I too have an autistic spectrum disorder and I am outraged I like kids so I hope those horrid ‘teachers’ get their sorry butts canned and banned from being around children forever

  3. rickybandit2 says:

    Fuck these people

  4. Kathie Hess Crouse says:

    They dont fire teachers. THe Unions rule.

  5. Kathie Hess Crouse says:

    Carolyn Rogers and Yvonne Francisco

  6. Kathie Hess Crouse says:

    I agree

  7. bungie lover says:


  8. dabears3232 says:

    3 people were playing pee games.

  9. dabears3232 says:

    its horrible

  10. Sarah Simpkins says:

    Teacher needs to be fired she have hd

  11. NightRoadWatcher2012 says:

    I was in 8th grade when this happened. I had heard things, then again I wasn’t much into news or what was happening. Bu for it to happen in my own town, in the school I went to, that’s just not right. (I know it was 3 years ago, but still it was never right)

  12. germanchocolate869 says:

    ADHD? Daaaaannnnnnggggg

  13. germanchocolate869 says:

    i live in the usa and i have and english teacher who is very strict

  14. angel mcleod says:

    teach and let them go to the toilet. ino teachers have it hard they do need help with keeping children to listen. teachers need time out. teachers also need to not become motherfkers too

  15. JunkyardKid says:


  16. Kathie Hess Crouse says:

    I hate to wonder how many school careers that teacher and aide destroyed

  17. MATTBOBVV says:

    that teacher sounds like the female version of mr. macky from south park…

  18. AceyacesYT says:

    You guys wanna know something the kids learned from this lady?

    How to know if your teacher is a bitch.

  19. jono zygorodimos says:

    I will hire bane to kill the teachers

  20. Kathie Hess Crouse says:

    We do not advocate for death of anyone no matter how much they have wronged us.

  21. Jax Max says:

    And you Kathie are part of the problem with this country….. Death for wrong doing on specific levels is necessary. The fear of death if you do wrong deters sick people from doing it. It is simple, I did not fear setting in timeout as a child, but I was terrified of getting a hard spanking ! The spanking made me think twice.

  22. Jax Max says:

    Let me be clear though, I hope you understand that I do lot mean these teachers should not die for this , being fired is sufficient.

  23. Kathie Hess Crouse says:

    Fired would be nice. But it was not what they did.

  24. riptide713 says:

    Cut those teachers throats and let them choke and drown on there own blood!!!!!!

  25. Brittany Martin says:

    When I was in 2nd grade, I had a horrid teacher. She constantly hit kids with rulers (and not just a smack on the hands, either). She used old school military punishments, like forcing a child to stand face against the wall, on his tip-toes, with his arms raised above his head as high as they would go, and would make him stand there for hours, and slap him every time his hands fell or he went flat-footed. She even picked one kid up by his ears. The school kept her, because she was “retiring”.

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