London Satanic Child Abuse Ring Exposed 2015. WARNING EXTREME CONTENT

March 5, 201520 Comments

Viewer discretion is advised. This case is the result of an 8-year old boy and his 9-year old sister confessing at long last the abuse they suffered by their British father who is the leader…

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  1. Lee Dixon says:

    Published on 20 Feb 2015
    Viewer discretion is advised.

    This case is the result of an 8-year old boy and his 9-year old sister
    confessing at long last the abuse they suffered by their British father who
    is the leader of a Satanic Ritual Abuse cult in North London. The Russian
    mother had a history of domestic violence with him that included 5 Police
    call-outs and 3 reports. She had long noticed signs of unhappiness,
    sickness and stress in her children, but only when on holiday in August
    with them, they confessed the most harrowing details.

    However, six days after reporting the crimes to Barnet Police on 05
    September 2014, the children were taken into ‘protective custody’ and
    subsequently to two different foster carers. Medical examinations initiated
    by the Police confirmed scarring in the rectum area of both children. The
    hearing of the 8-year-old boy is impaired due to the father’s excessive
    shouting. Since the rituals included heavy drugs, hair samples were taken,
    but the mother has never seen the results. Instead, the Police told her
    that the children retracted the allegations and that the investigation was
    closed. The explanation was that the children made their story up from the
    film “The Mask of Zorro”.

    In the best interests of the children?
    The mother is now in family court proceedings, being accused of a bad
    choice of partners. For her current partner spanked the children with a
    spoon when they were found to touch each other sexually as well as a dog.
    This fortunately triggered the confessions which were recorded on video and
    conducted by the mother and her partner in separate conversations with the
    boy and the girl. However, their remarkable details confirmed their
    respective allegations and experiences and were accompanied by diary pages
    and drawings that include the private parts of teachers.
    Since 11 September, the mother has seen her children only 4 times, when
    they are not allowed to speak their native language and the boy has
    admitted that he is forgetting his Russian already. It is alarming that
    they have not been sent to any school but are only exposed to TV and
    computer games, when before they had private education in violin lessons,
    tennis and swimming.

  2. Shabaz Ishaq says:

    Why isn’t the father arrested for the horrific evil acts against his own
    children. .what an evil nasty man.. Why is the police covering this crime
    up? They must b involved? So many British pedophiles out there but they can
    continue if they shift the blame on other communities so they can stay out
    of the public eye and continue there sick evil ways. I’m shocked and have
    many questions that need answers.. The police and people in power such as
    MPs teachers people in positions of authority have been accused of
    paedophilia.. It’s a huge problem in Britain 

  3. allmoderncons says:

    human leather used for wallets, shoes etc

  4. SriLankerC says:

    Trolls attacked this on my channel and got it removed.

  5. Garth Stewart says:

    Good people; we need to have the same persistence as the pedos… Please
    consider: 1.) Rewatch all the new versions of these videos that keep
    getting posted, just to up their watch score 2.) Do not give up arguing
    with the evil commenters on these threads, but also do not feed them your
    precious positive energy. 3.) Consider trying to re-sign the petition, as
    something strange is happening with the vote count, and there is a chance
    it never counted your original vote.

  6. Elizabeth Watson says:

    Satanic child abuse – 12 day finding of fact in SECRET COURT at RCJ since
    16 Feb happening NOW:

  7. Homeschool Learn and Earn says:

    Dr Judith Reisman PhD from the University of Law in the USA is an EYE
    WITNESS TO ACADEMIC PAEDOPHILES here in the UK. The Swansea University
    her Court case proving that State School Sex Education is PAEDOPHILE RUN! I have written to Prime Minister
    David Cameron and requested funding for Dr Judith Reisman to investigate
    this paedophile problem here in the UK. We need an investigation by people
    who are not forced to take an OATH TO THE QUEEN. Sadly, MPs, Police, Judges
    etc are working for the wrong side!

  8. Andrej K says:

    as far as im concerned. the whole system are paedoohiles and rodents
    robbing everyone. and it is these lowlife cunts dictating to everyone. il
    never bow to a pig or anycunt thinking they are above me. i am wholey un
    governed as it is my human right to be. i do not owe this sissy system any

  9. allmoderncons says:

    police interviews of the children can be found here. download them while
    you still can

  10. Jackie Black says:

    This is LUDICROUS… GOD help these babies!
    London Satanic Child Abuse Ring Exposed 2015. WARNING EXTREME CONTENT:

  11. allmoderncons says:

    thursday 26 feb 2015
    McKenzie Friends litigant Sabine McNeill talks to Bronwyn Llewellyn about
    some shock news she received at 11pm UK time. There is now a European Union
    warrant out for her and Ella Draper’s arrest, following them exposing
    underground sexual and ritual child sacrifice activities in the locale of
    Hampstead, London.

  12. allmoderncons says:

    Dear Mr Travers

    This comes to you in the wake of telephone conversations between my
    solicitor Mr Aseem Taj and Colindale Police, regarding the online exposure
    of the concealment of serious crimes against children in LB Camden. It
    involves several of your agencies and employees.

    I am accused of having published a document that I categorically deny. I
    was always following a lawful course of action to get two children returned
    to their Russian mother and grandparents, after Barnet Police took them on
    11 September 2014.

    Against me, a supposed ‘warrant for arrest’ was followed by ‘wanted for
    discussion’ and ‘bail conditions’. This perversion of justice is an abuse
    of power and position and misconduct in public office. For it is clear that
    this 8-year-old boy and his 9-year-old sister are two of some 20 children
    who have been suffering regularly from 60 or 70 adults, not counting the
    murders of babies allegedly having taken place.

    In December 2014, I brought the ‘whistleblower kids’ to the attention of
    all councillors with a link to the same videos with which I also alerted
    the Home Secretary. After the mother’s issues were ignored by Dame Anna
    Pauffley in the High Court, an internet explosion should have ensured that
    you got an email every time somebody signed the petition “Return the
    Whistleblower Kids and Abuse Survivors to their Russian Family”. The
    popular response proves the veracity of the children’s allegations, even
    though they sound soo un-believable to normal human beings.


  13. beuniqueb says:

    Father please loose healing and total restoration for all those around the
    world all the unknown victims of SRA heal and restore their mind body soul
    and spirit father we ask that you cut trauma off from them that you bind up
    any demons of memory recall that you fill them with your peace and your
    love that you would draw them close to you we ask in the name of jesus that
    you would bind up all fear all pain and confusion that you would send it
    back upon our enemies heads by fire that you would release a sound mind
    into each and every victim of SRA. Father we know nothing can remain in the
    darkness and that you will bring all things hidden into the light father we
    ask that you expose the works of the enemy, that you would cause them to
    make errors that will lead to their downfall.father we ask that you bring
    justice in this particular situation and for all other victims we ask that
    you give people across the world ears to hear eyes to see and hearts to
    receive so that the truth may be be revealed father open people’s eyes if
    it be your will to the extent of what goes on around them and where that
    comes from father I pray that you comfort anyone who does believe this but
    it’s too much to process father we pray healing over their mind will and
    emotions. Father move powerfully. May you put it on people’s hearts to be
    interceding for the children involved at this time and to come against the
    enemy and his plans to cover this up. Father I speak hope over all SRA
    victims I ask that you send angels to protect them and minister to them
    father I declare today if it be in line with your will that this will just
    be the start that you will begin exposing and tearing down all hidden works
    of the devil all cults covens and secret organisations all across the world
    that they will no longer be able to hide in the shadows but you will expose
    them with your light. Father help all those who will turn around and say
    there is no God if there was bad things wouldn’t happen father release
    revelation into them show them it is not you will that bad things happen it
    is the devil who ultimately causes anything that is not good or to your
    glory father help them to know where to place their anger.thank you father
    for your incredible love for us. We ask this prayer be done in the
    authority of the name Jesus we believe it is done and so we shall receive.
    Thank you father praise you Lord, amen

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    #possession #oppression #prayer #SRA #abuse #mindcontrol #mkultra
    #secretsociety #brotherhood #satanic #satanism #ritual #coverup I Decree &

  14. Gary Edmunds says:
  15. WindiGreens says:

    A little update on the Hampstead kids:

  16. cristybiakke 98 says:

    Wow… unhuman

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