Mean girls bully video for my school

April 19, 201525 Comments

So my friend Aaliyah put this video on youtube and it was all blurry cuz she has a suckish iPod but I actuality made it I just didn’t know how to put it on youtube but she did and now I know…

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  1. mdsmonkey lovesmonkeys says:

    Thank you guys

  2. mdsmonkey lovesmonkeys says:

    Every one! Yes they could of stood up for themselves! But the message of
    the video was at the end of the video all the people that were getting
    bullied found more friends than the bullies had. And that made the bullies
    angry. So it turns out the people getting Bullied won after all

  3. mdsmonkey lovesmonkeys says:

    And these bullies that r acting to be bullies r my friends. There actually
    not mean. It was just for the video

  4. Zaina1204 AJ says:

    U did a really gud job :)

  5. Cookie Lover says:

    this girl on youtube started bullying me recently and she said some rude
    comments, I’m a small 16 yr old and she’s calling me a cunt, like why, what
    did I even do to her, she said she hopes I get raped and commit suicide…
    And when I was in the 6th grade I’ve had problems and been thinking of it
    but got through with it, I don’t know what to do

  6. marina lps m says:

    bully e uma coisa seria se vc.sofre não e pra falar calado fale com um

  7. SOPHIE THOMAS says:

    Touchin, im writing a song on bullying its sad really cuz so many kids get

  8. Veneda Solorio says:

    White girls they are mean

  9. nellie471 says:

    Boringest Video Ever

  10. Szymon Jedrysiak says:

    What the song called i love it

  11. Carina Kjeldahl says:

    I would punch them they look not even thuff

  12. Female Flippy says:

    good song i love it

  13. Katie O'Rourke says:

    i feel sad for them i was bullied

  14. Rachel Loren says:

    What this song called❓❓❓❓❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❓❓❕❕❕❕❔❔❔❔❔

  15. Sharme Munisar says:

    Is this real

  16. I watch way to much cartoons says:

    I hate other girls especially blonde ones they are all stupid fucking
    bitches with no meaning in life but to call out girls in school who have
    less things and less freinds this is why I have to separate myself socially
    from everyone in school I only know 2 nice girls who are my freinds and
    outside of my school but I never get to see them anymore.

  17. Tyra-leigh Peirse says:

    Your right people shouldnt be bullied for who they are everyone is perfect
    just the way they are

  18. AshnKksmom2 says:

    That is a great video. It should be shown at elementary schools where the
    bulling starts

  19. Dorothy Wimmer says:

    Guys… The acting… It made me cry

  20. Emily Kemp says:

    My brother used to be bullied by people, until one day a boy was picking on
    him when I was passing by and they were calling him stupid and stuff like
    that. I walked up to the bully and said “leave him alone or else!” Then I
    took my brother away from the bully and said “if anyone teases you ever
    again, tell me” I am someone who will never let someone be bullied, whoever
    it is I will help them! Everyone knows (at my school) I am an nice person,
    but they don’t want to mess with me!!☺and my brother was never bullied
    again!! A message to everyone: don’t be afraid of them, the only reason
    people bully is to make you feel unhappy with yourself! Well I know for a
    fact they pull you down to put themselves above you, but it only means you
    are above them! Remember you are PERFECT just THE WAY YOU ARE, don’t change
    a thing just because people don’t think your good enough being YOURSELF!

  21. kaycee bell says:

    im tired of being bullied i dont deserve it im only 10 it getting so bad to
    wear i get bullied every day

  22. tianna lovett says:

    Was this at R.B Hunt?

  23. Chelsea Pedregal says:

    Nice job I’ve seen a lot of bully videos but I liked this one

  24. DubstepHD says:

    Omg for real? Bullying is a common thing in life, People who cant get over
    it prob cry in there room every day. Heres a point of advice, I’m going to
    get a lot of hate for this but Stop kissing ass. If u want to have them as
    your friends don’t kiss ass. You beat ass. I’m 13 And im in middle school.
    I understand this video isn’t real but every one will get bullied. So don’t
    feel left out there’s a place for every one. For me I got bullied a lot
    when i was 12. I got smacked by girls for no reason. I’m super passive
    aggressive and when i snapped that kid went home bloody and now nobody
    messes with me. BTW when u kick ass don’t get caught. SO GO OUT THERE AND
    KICK ASS. U may become what u hate but its worth it.

  25. Bob Guy says:


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