Mother says cyber-bullying drove 12-year-old daughter to commit suicide

October 28, 201324 Comments

Friends of Rebecca Ann Sedwick wore bright-colored ribbons and T-shirts to the 12-year-old’s funeral to draw attention to the bullying messages they say drove their friend to commit suicide.

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  1. Sean Westervelt says:

    You do?? Well don’t please…if you need someone to talk to i’m here

  2. ABForever says:

    No, don’t do it. Committing suicide is not an answer.

  3. samantha padilla says:

    This so sad. :'(

  4. Pebbz30530 says:

    Why wasnt any one there for her!!??

  5. anapao89 says:

    She did have her mother, who pulled her out of school for some time and changed her phone number and closed her facebook. However she did not know the bullies were using other resources to get to Rebecca. I mean there is so much you can do, even more when the law can keep you from certain actions, and it’s not very easy for people to move cities or states

  6. anapao89 says:


  7. 00411392 says:

    You forget how kids heavily depend on technology for much of their social media. If they don’t have a computer, they use their phones to access Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, so they’re never too far from the internet.

    Besides, some parents just plain don’t do their job… Hell, the girl who bullied her didn’t care she commited suicide and even bad mouthed her after her dead. What kind of person does that?

  8. 00411392 says:

    Sadly enough, kids don’t always come to parents with their problems. When it comes to the internet, parents should NEVER let their kids surf alone. Even if they’re pre-teens going to be teens, the internet is a harsh and unforgiving place.

    Hell, the father of the bully said he was “100% sure she didn’t do because she’s such a nice girl.” Parents who don’t watch their kids may be surprised when they find their Youtube or Facebook accounts and see the kind of messages they leave there.

  9. Sheila Spriggs says:

    I hope those girls rot in hell for what they did

  10. Roxannelipz says:

    That sad

  11. Mick Kully says:

    If you look at the post the girl made bragging about getting a girl to klill herself, 31 other people ‘liked’ it.

  12. joseph mckeown says:

    Stop making these poor, sad suicides martyrs! The poor girl killed herself…because people called her names. She will never outgrow the bullying. She will never overcome. She will moulder away, alone in the dark, while all you “supporters” praise her, glorify her and encourage the next tortured, teen drama queen to make the “Ultimate Protest”.  Too bad they are never around to see how you feel their pain.

  13. GirlFeetSniffer4U says:

    This is sad because if she did not kill herself, none of this preteen drama would have never mattered to her after high school.

  14. GirlFeetSniffer4U says:

    If I ever knew my child was behaving like this toward others, I’d slap the shit out of them!

  15. sabrina katarina says:

    ok get a sheet of paper crumble it up and un crumble it it stayded riped and crumbled act like that was your mean words to other people and those people wont ever forget it im upset who ever u are im upset i will kill who ever bullies agin i will com in your house and murder u and then take u to where bloody marry is

  16. Pete Dooley says:

    Although this as terribly sad . Why do some people care so much about what is said about them? Talk is cheap.If I gave a shit about others said about me , I would have killed me self along time ago. If you are that sensitive stay off social media and if you really can`t control your self destroy your computer or cell fone. Remember “sticks and stones”?

  17. Jessica Michallick says:

    That sticks and stones expression is bull! Take it from someone who was bullied words can scar for life! So sad

  18. Samuel Cortes says:

    I agree, this generation is screwed up, they are fed by the internet and social media.

  19. sorafanchick says:

    Yeah, I bet you are one of the bullies in this world, aren’t you? I bet you have never been constantly tortured no matter what you do or say, someone finds something wrong with you. A fist hits you and its over…but once something is said you cannot take it back. I bet if someone showed you how it felt you would get the picture. The lack of compassion in this world shows how mentally ill people really are SMH

  20. troop904 says:

    my school co—-er told me about this

  21. 00411392 says:

    Not everyone has thick skin. Some people are socially awkward and can take to heart some of the things said about them. Especially in this case when it’s a teenage girl. Hell, I think they’re the most sensitive to this kind of bullying.

  22. Anastasia Prestidge says:


  23. Pete Dooley says:

    Then thicken it. Lack of self esteem ,and confidence killed this kid Parents need to teach .

  24. India Sapp says:

    RIP Rebecca Sedwick. That whole sticks and stones thing is stupid. It should be the other way around: words do hurt and they stick forever but sticks and stones will hurt but the pain will quickly diminish.

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