Child Safety – A Public Conversation on Surviving Sexual Abuse

September 23, 201323 Comments

Dr. Cindy Christian (panel moderator) and a panel of experts talk about surviving sexual abuse. Dr. Christian is a nationally recognized expert on child abuse. She serves as the director of Safe Place: The Center for Child Protection and Health at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. Tammy Renee Coleman-Maro says:

    As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I really appreciated the informative session. If anything, I learned that being calm and telling your story has a whole different ring, instead of cursing and calling the abuser every name you can come up with. I’m healing and learning. I should be fully prepared by the trial date.

  2. whengoodpeople says:

    With conservative estimates of 1 in 4 for girls and 1 in 6 for boys being sexually abused before they’re 16 – the incidence of childhood sexual abuse is far higher than for any other health/ mental health issue. The impacts last a lifetime – especially for those who don’t disclose. Make the time to watch this video discussion – it’s well past time to address this issue.

  3. whengoodpeople says:

    Right on, Tammy! It’s about reclaiming your own power – the court system and your abuser have no impact on your power once you take it back. Stand up in dignity and in strength. Tell your story – people are listening. Court is the icing. Know that whatever the outcome in court, when you speak your truth publicly, you help yourself and others in ways you may never know.

  4. Tammy Renee Coleman-Maro says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, and yes…speaking publicly has helped me the most with healing. I love showing others that we are not what happened to us. Such strength in owning my story.

  5. mu5463 says:

    As someone who has been groomed & abused as a child, I’m now in my twenties and it’s definitely something I still today force to the back of my mind…after police meetings & court cases in my teenage years I have always avoided it as much as humanly possible. This evening (maybe by fate) this video fell onto my lap – I can’t tell you how helpful this has been to watch and listen to.

    I am now looking into getting the right help so I can, as Louise Williams Bishop said ‘feel whole again’.

  6. Marjorie-anne gardiner says:

    When the dude talked about telling people vs disclosure, thats where i am right now. i always thought i was “over” this, and infact its just starting. SO SCARED

  7. Ressurrection Graves says:

    I am a child sexual abuse grooming expert. I would love to be a speaker at their next event. I have a lot of information on my website about child sexual abuse grooming and I have a petition entitled, Make Child Sexual Abuse Grooming A Felony that you can sign.

  8. Ressurrection Graves says:

    I disagree that sexual abuse does not make someone question their sexual identities. There is more information on this and we need to remember that we are spirit, soul and body. It is important to know that you can be affected by sexual abuse in this way. It does not mean that you have to become what you are battling, but you can have thoughts and question your identity.

  9. yehg25 says:

    when my father found out he blamed me for not telling because then it wouldn’t have happened to my sister

  10. Jj ghoffy says:

    it was not your fault , whom ever hurt you know what they were doing , you might of known that it was wrong but as an adult he or she were supposed to protect you from other horrible people such us them , they are supposed to be more mature and responsible for conserving your innocent as a human being , if you know better you do better , they didn’t therefore it was not and will never be your fault , you are not to blame , you are not responsible for what he or she did , they did it not ,you .

  11. Jj ghoffy says:

    you’re so strong ! you must have a great support mechanism

  12. Ariel A says:

    Rep. Louise Williams Bishop is awesome I love her work and how determined she is. she is amazing

  13. kxiong67 says:

    All i can say is me too was molested

  14. Lady Amore' says:

    Thank you for this. and keep up the great work!

  15. princesswarrior1977 says:

    What if you can’t escape?

  16. OlCalif says:

    I kind of got the feeling that they didn’t explore the victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by women nearly enough. I am 18, and the trauma and horror of having endured long-term abuse by my aunt and two older nieces (who did NOT act “under the thumb of a man”, but completely alone) has completely deprived me of any friends or connection with the larger world. What is one supposed to do when you’re in a state of constant depression, and have continuous suicidal thoughts?

  17. louise9187 says:

    Hi, I read your post & am concerned about you. I know we don’t know each other at all. I am very sorry to hear about the abuse you suffered by your aunt and nieces. I too suffered sexual abuse & have only confronted it in the past 12 months. (I am 46 years old) I understand the depression & suicidal thoughts you are having as I have them too. Can you please contact a counselor to get some help? There is no shame in doing so & they will help you. You don’t deserve to keep suffering alone. Tina

  18. Reiann Goh says:

    Great talk.

  19. Fiatslave says:

    less sob story. more education. and more data to analyze and put into perspective.

  20. viranpateluk says:

    1. Get help first confide in someone a counsellor a close friend that you trust.
    2. Report the abuse to the police if you know where they live.
    3. Its on going there is a lot of strength and inner peace arrives to all.

  21. shawn icksnay says:

    A family member was s/a beginning at the age of @ 4 by a police officer. The victim came forward when he was 27. I am a ret. p/o and have interviewed many sex crime victims. It was founded. I got him to talk to investigators and nothing was done. The officer retired when he became aware that the victim reported it. There r other victims who were given a cursory interview. No arrest. We have been ignored by the police dept, fbi, the justice dept. and the media. WGP, it is much worse than u know.

  22. shawn icksnay says:

    There are persons in positions of power who are involved. I spoke to over 200 people about this issue and over 95% told me they knew of a friend or family member who was assaulted as a child. Some even told me it happened to them (mostly women).
    We have a crisis that is out of control. I will continue to fight for the innocents.

  23. Jessica Emily says:

    this was wonderful

    I am a child abuse survivor and have started a blog to log my journey
    thelittlestladyxo.blogspot ( . co . uk )


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