Nicole B.Bromley Story – Childhood Sexual Abuse

July 7, 201311 Comments

Author and speaker, Nicole Braddock Bromley shares her story after being a victim of childhood sexual abuse by her step father for 10 years. The child abuse started when she was 5-years-old. Bromley encourages others who have been victims of child abuse to speak out.

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  1. riverculture says:

    Good. The society needs to be more and more aware of child sexual abuse

  2. hpdinme says:

    the abuser can be anybody…
    suicide…. just more proof of him being a looser and a wimp…

  3. princesslovelygirl says:

    i have been sexual abused by my dad he would come in to give me a lesson and i wished to god to not let him come in my room but everyday it happened but now i am happy because i have good foster parents

  4. jesusloveshecg says:

    ty so much for this video, i was sexually abused by my granddad for 10 years, i was always told by him that i was his special girl, how he loved me more than my nanny, but that i shouldnt tell her, as it would hurt her feelings. He made me feel special to start off, loved etc. it wasnt untill like Nicole reached 15 that i realised it wasnt right, and reported it! more kids need to know what is a right relationship with the opposite sex earlier! so many relationships could be prevented this way!

  5. yogibear1231000 says:

    people who do stuff like this are gross and i am 100% against chilhood abuse. any abuse really.

  6. ebelskivers says:

    you’re my hero!

  7. JulesGunn says:

    I don’t think people realize just how prevalent child molestation is in America, not to mention around the world. What’s awful is that a lot of women who have been sexually abused often consciously/subconsciously gravitate towards a mate who is capable of such things. So when it inevitably happens to their child the mother won’t believe the kid b/c she hasn’t come to terms with her own abuse issues…

  8. Chantelle Duddy says:

    man…. made me tear up
    to think that That guy told you that it was normal
    and that Every father does it for their “special daughters”
    I am soo proud of you Nicole 🙂
    dont worry God loves you……. God bless <3

  9. Maeve Dolan says:

    When Was This Interview ?

  10. bestofyoutoday says:

    Visit Best of You Today to view Nicole Bromley’s interview with us!

  11. SkittlezNicezKittyz says:

    Thumps up if you think Pedoplines should be arrested for 200 years.

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