Papa Kills Babies – Satanic CHILD ABUSE IN LONDON (It’s Worldwide!)

February 28, 201525 Comments

This case is the result of an 8-year old boy and his 9-year old sister confessing at long last the abuse they suffered by their British father who is the lea…

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  1. conspiracykingdotcom says:
  2. Paranormal Smyrna says:

    Featured Video: Papa Kills Babies – Satanic CHILD ABUSE IN LONDON (It’s

  3. sam phi says:

    I must say, I wasn’t aware that males can produce sperm at age 8 before
    their balls have dropped? Age 13 is average says wikipedia. Those kids do
    seem quite normal? But I know the trauma can be blocked until around age 30
    etc…. I would also like to see the man and woman present on camera too.
    Is she the disgruntled party? Am I the only one who senses something is not
    quite right about this clip? Sadly some woman do coach their kids into
    making up stories about the fathers. All too often, which is equally evil.
    The father has access but the mother does not? Putting the kids on YT for
    the world to see must be a first! I surely could be forgiven for thinking
    this a Psyop. I would expect a longer and more detailed vid myself. If any
    case to do with this is still before the courts, this vid will be a
    disservice. I hope you have the timing right. Unfortunately an innocent man
    had an orchestrated case against him in Christchurch NZ, some years ago,
    who later was proved innocent. I am after only truth and facts. Not

  4. SuperSharp16 says:

    Wtf.why aren’t these people in prison

  5. SovereignFOTL says:

    ^DON’T TURN AWAY* Watch it before YouTube pulls it b/c they will.
    Understand the world you live in. Face the truth. You can not make
    informed effective decisions w/o it. READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION (above)
    then visit the blog >>>>

    IF i have the right school, here’s it’s Mission Statement (below) or at the
    ‘about school’ section at its site>>>

    At Christ Church School we respect and value each individual’s contribution
    to our school community. We work to inspire our children with the love of
    learning and to strive for excellence in all aspects of school life.

    We aim to make everyone’s time at Christ Church School an enjoyable and
    rewarding experience and achieve our mission statement by:

    – promoting the highest standards of teaching and learning

    – providing a rich and stimulating curriculum

    – encouraging the development of self-confidence, self-discipline and
    healthy living

    – developing a spiritual awareness

    – promoting a Christian ethos whilst respecting other people’s faiths

    – welcoming the involvement of parents and other members of the local

    – expecting everybody to understand their own rights and take
    responsibility to respect the rights of others

    – expecting everybody to make a positive contribution to our school, the
    wider community and our planet

    – providing an environment where all feel safe from bullying and

    Our school is guided by our Christian values of compassion, patience,
    understanding, simplicity, creativity and hope.

  6. dorodini says:

    I know this goes on but these kids are coached.

  7. TheGuitarmanrh says:

    These kids may well have been coached,but something is very very worrying
    here they go into too much detail and dont make any mistakes,ive also
    noticed when asked questions that have previously been asked they give the
    same answers but use completely different words and sentences,they also
    answer very naturally,if these kids are lying then they are the best child
    actors i have ever heard or seen….a police child psychiatrist needs to
    look at this and find out what is going on because even if they are lying
    all of this is still very wrong and something needs to be done about
    it….i live in the uk and am in two minds whether to inform the police or

  8. Antonjlavey says:

    It’s not satanic it’s the church’s that we all go to it the one’s we Call
    holy there the one that do this to kids. They hide behind the cross they
    lie and cheat they rob us all

  9. VideoGaming Pro says:

    thats one reason im atheist and why i split on papa’s(of my neibors
    church) in his fucking face..

  10. Yaz Cass says:

    Papa Kills Babies – Satanic CHILD ABUSE IN LONDON (It’s Worldwide!):

  11. cosmodave69 says:

    What human could do this then suit up and go on about their day?
    Answer….A cold blooded reptilian!!!!

  12. Steve W says:

    YouTube is deleting these videos so expect this one to be deleted soon.
    There is a massive cover up underway and this kind of action only happens
    when some one is trying to.hide something or stop the public from
    uncovering the truth.

  13. Chris Taylor says:

    As victims of Child Sexual Abuse these kids should have the right to

  14. barleyarrish says:

    abusers your days are numbered

  15. Kate Andrews says:

    These kids are not lying.I couldn’t make this shit up when i was 8 or even
    remember it, if it wasn’t real.

  16. John Paterson says:

    You just could not make this up

  17. FartandLeave says:

    Everyone arguing whether this is real or fake. Wake up motherfuckers stop
    pretending everything in this world is just and fair. Either do something
    about it or stop giving your dumb fucking opinion about it no one gives a

  18. 389 Productions says:

    this is just beyond fucked up.

  19. Spirituality1980 says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this info. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  20. Xander Musser says:

    who was the guy interviewing them

  21. Puppy Bonz says:

    download this with

  22. Puppy Bonz says:

    How are these kids related to interviewer?

  23. Natasha Bowen says:

    Is the petition still going, I can’t find it??

  24. OpportunisticHunter says:

    Satanism IS a religion and worships gods of the underworld.

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