Pat Robertson Advises Parents to “Protect” Their Children From “Evil” Music Via Physical Abuse!!!

April 27, 201524 Comments

WARNING: The following viewpoints presented in this video are strictly the viewpoints of the individual(s) in the video. If your mind is closed tighter than a virgin and can’t process that…

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. OfficialGATG says:
  2. lonelysith66 says:

    I’m sorry about that stuff with your dad, stout.

  3. minimandy7 says:

    Thankfully I never went through the whole, “This music is evil” or “This
    music is corrupting” crap with my parents. I genuinely feel bad for the kid
    whose mother asked Pat, of all people, for help. Hopefully she isn’t stupid
    enough to take his advice.

  4. Tarpi Star says:

    He (Pat Robertson) needs to get himself checked in to a nursing home or
    something, man.
    He’s lost the plot. But yeah, every religion has it’s crackpots.

  5. UncreativeUser182 says:

    I always confused Pat Robertson with Fred Phelps and Phil Robinson…
    They’re all pretty much the same if you think about it

  6. Mazzie M says:

    Great video Stout!
    It fucking bugs me when that arsehole claims that beating your kid up is
    the only way if they listen to “evil music” that’s fucking disgusting!

    When I was 15, I was so pissed off when my aunt said,”Is that why you’re
    always a cunt just because of the music you listen to?” Yup I got mad that
    I started throwing attitude towards her. Music taste does not determine on

    And if I was Scorpion of MK, I’d set idiots like him on fire!

  7. Asuka Pickett says:

    People like Pat Robertson and PluggedIn are the reason why I will never
    join a religion.

  8. LightwithintheShadow says:

    Stout, which is worse? Radical Christians like Pat or Insane Feminazis like
    Big Red?

  9. TheJokerfan95 says:

    I’m fucking embarrassed to live in the same state as that old fuck.

  10. maxmillion222 says:

    I’ll join your Colony. Our national anthem can be “the entity” 

  11. Mr. Awesome Guy says:

    Pat Robertson is so stupid.

  12. TheRandomGangsta says:

    Damn, it’s been a while since I’ve seen some of your videos. I found this
    to be good. :D

  13. krumb520 says:

    Hey stout! Can I go with you when you move planets?

  14. nerdieone1 says:

    Pat Robertson’s a fucking moron.

  15. Hard Knox says:

    That dude has some serious issues 

  16. Rockstar X says:

    Great video Stout! It sucks you don’t even have a 1000 views on this vid
    yet, but “gamers” like Domislive and ICrazyTeddy post GTA V “news” and get
    5000 views in two hours.
    I don’t care about Pat Robertson, but what he said was pretty messed up.

  17. PrincessSchalaZeal says:

    Sounds like your dad put religion above family. My grandma did that. She
    recently died, too. Know what my reaction was? “I hope my dad’s ok…”

  18. RavionUltimate says:

    Pat should get put in mental therapy.

  19. Josef Mengele says:

    I’ll join your colony. :D

  20. METALHEAD Gaming says:

    Dio lied!All the fools didnt sail away!

  21. shaun griffin says:

    I’d like to see Pat try to kick your ass when he takes his first swing he
    get a heart attack mid swing.

  22. Neece PolysexualPagan says:
  23. The Vegan Metalhead says:

    What would pat do i am wearing my aeon shirt with their logo and it has a
    pentagram in the background

  24. Corduroy says:

    I wish Pat Robertson would just die already.

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