Pete – Award-Winning Short Film On Child Abuse

July 20, 201324 Comments

Award-winning short film about a young boy who suffers terrible abuse at the hands of his mother.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. Fauzalovesyou says:

    That bitch is crazy

  2. ajaibchannel says:

    The boy had committed suicide by jumping from the bridge. His body was found and kept in hospital which was later identified by mother. The ghost was sitting outside and imagining that he could have killed the mother also with knife (which is not possible in real life). all the time it was the ghost who was sitting in the corridor. and it was he also who opens the door and sees his dead body.

  3. Aleyda Benitez says:

    Crazy!!!! Mom mean

  4. Bryanator3000 says:

    I would’ve strangled and choked that piece of crap if I was little

  5. Bryanator3000 says:

    At 0:53 did she kick him

  6. SiansBeautyWorld says:

    Its a film guys

  7. Gert Henriksen says:

    really good and strong film. I like it a lot. I am a Danish filmmaker. If you like to you can watch my own short film, NOT SO GREAT LEGENDS OF THE WORLD, which deals with a childhood trauma, but in a much lighter form. And about much smaller trauma. But significant to the adult main character though.

  8. Abigael Thompson says:

    I nearly cried

  9. Stevey G says:

    I grew up with drunken abusive parents as well..

  10. FireFly9753 says:

    he didn’t stab her, he was just imagining it, he killed himself by jumping of the bridge.

  11. cecesmyreomg says:

    she did not care it very sad:(

  12. lawrence bruce says:

    I’m lucky to have the parents I have. I was never hit and I’m 12. If I were to have been hit as a child I would’ve tried to fight back. This is a very sting video. It got to me

  13. Raleigh Townsend says:

    I am sad for Pete he went and almost did suicide on himself!!!

  14. Caitlin McAuliffe says:

    I think it’s showing the two results of him either committing suicide or just stabbing her instead… It’s like a two ended story I guess..

  15. logan pixley says:

    About every 30 seconds, one kid is either being beaten, kicked, mentally, or sexually abused. There is no reason in the world to abuse you child, elder, or soul mate. The same thing is with bullying. We need to stop this. People say it’s impossible, the reason it’s impossible is because everyone believes that. But if we change our minds and start doing it and stand up to them, we, or maybe even YOU, could stop this. Right here, right now.

  16. Kaba Adem says:

    I’m like Pete I get abused

  17. KawaiiKutenessXoX says:


  18. MiniMooska says:

    Don’t stay silent. There’s numbers you can dial for help. You can call ChildLine or even call the police, just don’t take it. If you stay quiet, you’re letting them win. Tell SOMEONE.

  19. MiniMooska says:

    Do you really think she would listen?

  20. carahoran42 says:

    She is what I call a son of a bitch

  21. Wiskers2013 says:

    Poor thing

  22. Wiskers2013 says:

    She is horrible to him iwish he was my brother i would love him :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(

  23. MaryCannabizJane says:

    that literally made me cry my eyes out :'(

  24. Bryanator3000 says:

    damn lol … -.- crazy woman

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