Professional Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard Talks About Surviving Child Sexual Abuse

July 18, 20138 Comments

Professional boxer and Olympic gold medalist Sugar Ray Leonard talked to an audience at Penn State University about surviving child sexual abuse. His presentation focused on the impact of these experiences and his recovery. The event was hosted by Penn State’s Head Football Coach Bill Obrien.

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  1. Craig Hutchings says:

    Thank you sir! What an awesome thing you’ve done in using your celebrity for this issue. So glad you survived to share your story.

  2. Deb Copeland says:

    God Bless you! I have a new book out, which I co authored, Face to Face with God Healing the Cry within. I am so blessed to have survived childhood sexual abuse as well. I pray for our children daily. I believe it is our duty.

  3. Tamar Dermer says:

    This is the mark of a true fighter.

  4. Maria Ruocco says:

    Sugar Ray was born in 1956. Timing markers 11:03 to 11:18 mentions encounters with two men. Between timing markers 11:55 to 13:46, he describes the first event in 1972 as light touching that he felt uncomfortable with, but was obviously not sexual. He was 16 years old at the time. Timing markers 14:00 to 14:47 describes the second event, which was in 1976, which means he was 20 years old at the time. This is not child sexual abuse. He is exploiting this issue for his own personal profit.

  5. Rosenna Bakari says:

    @ Maria, “Childhood” sexual abuse occurs before the age of 18. Moreover, sexual abuse has many layers that do not have to include touching. For example, exposing children to nudity with the intent of sexual gratification. Also, you see that he is really struggling to tell his story. I’m not absolutely convinced that more did not happen that he is not yet willing to expose.

  6. Ressurrection Graves says:

    “light touching” is molestation and it is “sexual”

  7. Ressurrection Graves says:

    Why are you even watching this? Why in the world would you come into a safe space like this to discredit someone who has been victimized? There is a such thing called child sexual abuse grooming. If you don’t know what it is look it up. Your time markers seem off based on me watching the video. But as it relates to child sexual abuse grooming, it is a process which can happen over time. It is a process which happens before the physical part of the sexual abuse takes place.

  8. Maria Ruocco says:

    The coach was making his fighters lose a pound of water weight in order to qualify for a particular weight class. This is not child sexual abuse. Listen to Sugar Ray speak starting at 12:00 to 13:27. The coach was correct to make his 16 year-old fighters eat to gain their strength, and then sweat out the extra pound of water weight shortly before the fight. It worked, and was entirely appropriate. If Sugar Ray is not lying for the money, then you tell me why his story makes no sense at all.

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