REACTION: Sandy Hook Child Abuse During Fox News Interview

December 12, 201425 Comments

This is a reaction from ThePoliticalPort on the Sandy Hook Child Abuse During Fox News Interview

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. Derek Everyguy says:

    I show my significant other it and she couldn’t see anything wrong. THE

  2. chilly rooster says:

    no one heard airplanes on 911 way louder then gunshots 

  3. xatisis says:

    She asks how do you keep them quiet? First who are they going to go to, the
    mainstream media? Second there was a child pornography case in
    Newtown/Sandy Hook that started around 2007 and sentencing final came down
    in the early months of 2013. A plea deal for Federal time of course. It
    makes you wonder who was caught up in the case and who in the hoax has that
    hanging over their head? Of course the case file has been sealed but there
    is some basic info on the case out there.

  4. walk4redress says:

    one of the many quotes, “I saw the bolt wizz by, and than my teacher pulled
    me in the classroom.”….the boy that was in the hall going to the

  5. Red Pill Revolution says:

    Whoever dislikes this is a child abusing pedo.

  6. JamesWatchman says:

    Disgusting behaviour from these “parents”.

  7. Hubie Thompson says:

    This is weird but has anyone tracked these people down to find out if they
    are even a real family? The mom has a strange look also.
    How do you keep people quiet ? With hefty checks and threats.

  8. jerickzane says:

    it is very awkward behavior, and anyone else notice the eyes on these
    people shape shifting?

  9. CobraTube says:

    This makes me feel sick. You are actually watching a child being “handled”,
    MK Ultra, the guy is most likely a pedo and the child has been severely
    traumatized as that is how they break the mind to keep them in order, all
    he needs to do is make her feel a slight pressure on her neck for it to
    trigger a full on pain memory of previous torture such as asphyxiation. I
    guess the CIA reports aren’t enough for people to stand up, it now needs to
    be actually displayed for sheeple to wake up to it and face the child pedo
    rings IN AMERICA (look up Nancy Schaefer, the one they killed for ousting
    these rings that CHild Protective Sevices run)

  10. PROVOKEDRAGE says:

    3 days before the anniversary 11-dec-14 c4 in the UK played a episode of
    the simpsons “the housewives of fat tony” In the episode we meet Tony’s
    niece who studied @ a sandy hook institute and one of his nephews nick name
    is “the occurrence”. Aired originally on 1st may 11 “may day” Look @ it
    dude if you have not caught it! it happens around 15 mins into the episode.

  11. Justin Thorp says:

    He is choking for all you dissensitized robots that sit out there and
    choose to believe all the gate keepers that laugh at you while you eat up
    there BS lies to cover up the truth. Research or just watch what these
    truthers (or as you tools refer to all of us “conspiracy theorists”), and
    learn the truth. Because eventually when it’s too late and you want to
    believe, that bullet of truth will split your wig so fast from smoking gun
    of marshall law that is to come. My advice is get right with The Lord,
    because time is running out, btw great video Red Pill and the Gorgeous
    Women speaking in the video with great insight on this disgusting display
    of abuse towards this innocent young girl. Haters of the truth if you can’t
    see it, go play in traffic.

  12. Lisa B says:

    These parents are disgusting. When ‘normal’ people go thru a traumatic
    event, they don’t immediately go on camera, and they would typically be
    MUCH more emotional after a blood bath. Yes & when U’re near gun fire, it
    sure as he’ll isn’t described as ‘pop pop’… Hysterical anyone would fall
    for that shit!!

  13. Christine chipperfield says:

    TOTALLY SPOT ON. Absolutely agree with u. Show me 1 parent who would look
    at that interview and say it all looks normal. Gd hit with the CIA torture
    report because u r right. If the CIA can keep all that quiet, what is the
    difficulty in covering up anything else. Video shared. Thanks RPR for

  14. Miss_Arabia says:

    I don’t point to a specific country or people but obviously they were paid
    to lie for Fox channel . Most fox news are false and pay for people to make
    lies for the benefit of the government! !
    There are many actress from different countries who get paid for stuff like

  15. MrGrapeRaisin says:

    No, this behavior, done to an adult would result in an altercation. To a
    child who clearly wants to be hands free from neck, it’s child abuse. I’m
    sorry, so much crap lately all I feel like is screaming out: *FUCK THE

  16. freedom1mac says:

    I thought the same thing that someone needs to check up on that poor
    child. It was very obvious that something was not right with these
    parents. Maybe they are not really her parents and she was kidnapped as a

  17. Susan Vaughn says:

    Right after Sandy Hook my husband and I went to Gatlinburg to visit a
    timeshare. While we’re in the office waiting to see the agent there was a
    video playing on a television , advertising how fun their timeshare
    vacation spots are. There was this one little girl on the video that I
    remark to my husband at the time look exactly like this little girl. This
    is long before I heard anyone say that there were actors involved in the
    Sandy Hook Fiasco. I even took a picture of the little girl on the
    television screen at the timeshare because it was so uncanny. Unfortunately
    I dropped my telephone in water and I don’t think I have that picture

  18. mswatchman4u says:

    Wow! I’ve seen this video going around, but haven’t watched until now -very
    telling!! It’s so obvious what’s happening. Whoever says they can’t see a
    problem here is just lying to themselves and need to wake the hell up!

  19. Kevin Schuyler says:

    After watching this fucking video, i started fucking wondering just how
    many fucking times this chick would fucking say fuck in the twelve fucking
    minutes and eleven fucking seconds that it fucking went on. I fucking went
    back and fucking counted the fucking times. In twelve fucking minutes she
    fucking said fuck or fucking or fucker 12 fucking times.
    I’m fucking glad this fucking video is fucking getting some fucking
    attention, but this would fucking turn off most of the people I’d fucking
    want to share it with. 

  20. Mannard Mann says:

    The Wasiks are real fine genetic specimens, aren’t they? Scumbag

  21. Chris J says:

    This is total abuse. Absolutely! He is borderline strangling her. Plus
    ,those parents ,especially the mother, looks old enough to my mom and I am
    31 !! Personally, I do not think these are her real parents unless they
    adopted her.

    Also, You mention 9/11. I knew they were torturing these people waaay back
    then so the bullshit they are playing on CNN and Fox News now is nothing
    new. I think the Media and our corrupt Government are playing the torture
    card to try and get our minds off the cop killings,the protests, and
    freedom of speech. I believe 9/11 was a False Flag operation to brainwash
    the sheeple . When it comes to the planes it defies logic. It goes against
    physics specifically Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion. Also, No way those planes
    could have been flying 500 plus miles an hour (like the Media told us )at
    sea level because the air is far too dense. Planes can only travel that
    fast at about 35,000 feet . 3000 people probably did die that day but of
    course it was for the greater good in the Government’s eyes because they
    had plans .

  22. Andrew Xavier says:

    Maybe Adam Lanza was a pro hitman and screwed a silencer on all his
    weapons. Like super secret agent trained, bro.

  23. L V Caliph says:

    This video and the original clip should be mass uploaded and a question put
    to all those people who say show us “proof” and “evidence” of a hoax. No
    this isn’t evidence but explain why this grim looking man is abusing his
    ‘survivor’ daughter when his joy at her continued existence should be
    ‘evident’ and why Fox News callously ignores what is taking place right in
    the lens of their camera. Fuck “proof”, they’ve hidden the fucking “proof”
    okay but you fucks explain what the fuck is going on here!!

  24. Anthony Pate says:

    devil worshipin nut needs something sharp pushed to his throat

  25. Osmosis Melee says:

    Fucking guy is a ginny wopp pedophile POS !!!

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