Runescape age 54 man has sex with 13 year old girl~~ORIGINAL!~~

March 19, 201525 Comments

This is pretty sketchy FITCHBURG, Mass. — Authorities are calling a suspected child…

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  1. Parks Parks says:

    lol wonder what the loot is…

  2. MexicanKId155 says:

    Santa!!! U have time to go to jail but not have time for my presents u old

  3. NadrianATRS says:

    I bet she gave them some detail!

  4. B3astpwn RSPS says:


  5. MrHug139 says:

    00:40 white party hat on his shirt ­čś«

  6. ICheekyI says:

    Hes obviously a dicer.

  7. R. says:

    his rsn is abdul

  8. Fuezra says:

    Oh shit now I don’t only have to worry about bots but I also have to worry
    about being raped? Damn it, Jagex.

  9. TracyToxicGirl says:

    So I played runescape and then this guy asked me to marry him… Here’s how
    the conversation goes : Him : Hi Me : Hello Him : Do you wanna marry me ?
    Me : No Him Why ? Me : Because I don’t marry strangers Him : Well if you
    marry me , I’ll tell a little bit about me Me : That’s stupid, hell no Him
    : Marry me ? Me : Sure Him : REALLY? Me : No

  10. LUCKYJ3SS3 says:

    lol nice, is she hot? give me some details i wana fap to it haha please ­čÖé

  11. jay tay says:

    Doesnt matter had sex!

  12. Simply Zerg says:

    people like this fucking disgust me -_- men that do this and even women
    need to be put into the fuckIng electric chair so there out of this

  13. Aokiji Kuzan says:


  14. Aokiji Kuzan says:

    doesnt matter had sex´╗┐

  15. Aokiji Kuzan says:

    i guess that was exp waste´╗┐

  16. Aokiji Kuzan says:

    greatest lure ever XD´╗┐

  17. Aokiji Kuzan says:

    im wondering if jagex banned his account what will his offence be?
    banned for having sex with 13 years old in you van XD
    appeal: i dont have a van its wrong person´╗┐

  18. Distant Lethal says:

    Ill that motherfucker hope he goes and burns in hell´╗┐

  19. Jon Meyers says:

    Santa Clause , thats santa, how’d he escape runescape.´╗┐

  20. MontanaOf300Fan says:

    LOL is tht a White Party Hat @ 0:17?´╗┐

  21. bluekeet says:

    wtf the irony, white partyhat on the black man at :39´╗┐

  22. bluekeet says:

    lmao the fucking old man lured the poor girl for her virginity, he made
    bank -.-´╗┐

  23. isabel Hernanadez says:

    Why am o here´╗┐

  24. Miso Soup says:

    So many butthurt and racists pricks….The age of consent is 16,…and
    sometimes 15…And those fuckers would still get a rise if an adult had sex
    with a female within age of consent….´╗┐

  25. Welder Nate says:

    Oh dear god.´╗┐

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