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April 20, 201325 Comments

Great news story on a new child safety, internet monitoring software provided by Safe Computers Kids called Spector Pro 6. The software helps parents monitor what thier children are looking at online. Another great thing about the software is the Instant Message Dictionary that comes with it, so, you will understand the computer code your children are using to talk online.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. aweinsto says:

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  2. enortos says:

    WORST ADVICE EVAR,wait a sec,why are u even on the internet?

  3. seanicus100 says:

    If you need a dictionary to understand “net lingo” you are too dumb to be on the Internet. Even if you don’t understand what “ASL” means, are you really not aware of Google?

  4. KELLSONIC says:

    to wacth videos oh by the why i’m 18

  5. gSoUoCgKlSe muchness says:

    bottom line: there are loads and loads of sex offenders on the net that want to have sex with all your underage kids. so you need to spy on them!! BUY MY PRODUCTS BUY MY PRODUCTS they make it really easy for all you obsessive parents to control them!!! o and by the way these products also make it really easy for hackers to spy on you as well haha!!!

  6. aweinsto says:

    As parents, we all want to protect our children when they go online.
    Thanks to advances in technology this is getting harder and harder to
    do. Internet predators are getting smarter and so are children. When
    you buy parental security software, you have to update it on a regular
    basis and monitor new websites to ensure nothing gets past the
    program. Thanks to SnipeSlider, it no longer has to be this way. This
    handy program works (and continues to work) as a key to the Internet. Snipeslider,com

  7. Zaharkl says:

    thats why YOU DONT SAY WHERE YOU LIVE!!!!!!! omg morons… you cant be found if you dont tell them WHERE YOU LIVE!!!!

  8. aweinsto says:

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  9. leonor1234561 says:

    Hi, I need some help:
    Why does Spector Pro keeps recording even in inactivity?

    It wasn’t like this before, it just started recently. It suppose to stop recording when all activity has ceased. I have the “Inactivity timeout” marked and set to 3 minutes, but still it never stops recording, I wonder why. I remember having this problem in the past and it only got solved when I formatted my PC, but I don’t want to do that.

    Tried unistalling, but didn’t work.

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Dorminay42 says:

    Or you could just pirate the software. Anyway, when I have kids, I’m going to use software like this. At first I’m going to use really shitty software that an idiot could get around. Then I’ll slowly build up to more and more complex software, so that my kids will learn how to use computers better than all their punk-ass friends.

  11. Carlus D says:

    This is lolz hey parents out there theres a website called Urban Dictionary and DIY SIT

  12. mircea614 says:

    If you want to spy on a computer, try downloading SpyRecon software. I used it to secretly monitor my daughter’s emails.

  13. Mace Nadeau says:

    @mircea614maybe she dosent want u to see somthing

  14. ethowns529 says:


  15. ljrox213 says:

    get with the pro gram

  16. dnstormdatabase says:

    if you don’t want people finding out information about you, don’t make friends, don’t go to school, don’t go out of your house!! because if you do, somebody might find out more information about you. and yes, we talk about the “stuff we would not say in person” in person.

  17. DoomAgeding says:

    alot of the talk is a drug and sex talk that adults dont under stand wich is why we have this drug slang dictionary its like snl or somthing XD hahahahahahahaha

  18. pcnerd1010 says:

    Well then…I feel bad for the Mar Family! lol 2:05 those kids look so miserable!

  19. Vectrex4Life says:

    Whoops, Iv’e already seen porn! Too late. 😛

  20. TheManDownTheRoad says:

    I’ll just make up new words for drugs (scrote).

  21. skaterenvy1 says:

    Oh shit did i delete the program cant get it back fuck this shit ill do what i wanna do online

  22. TheLadyOfAllAwesome says:

    Fuck these people

  23. GameDependable says:

    How to find child porn.

    Step 1: Go on Google.
    Step 2: Search for “naked and kids”
    Step 3: ????
    Step 4: Profit

  24. rin kagamine says:

    oh well parentz i haz a nook

  25. xSUPERTACOGIRLx says:

    sexual chatroom encounters:
    Asscock23:i want u 2 suck my cock

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