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July 27, 201325 Comments

Would you ever walk into a giant arena full of strangers and make it rain postcards with your phone number and home address? No? Then what are you doing publishing those details online, where anyone can access them. It is easy to forget that the information you put on social media is visible not only to our actual social circles, but to our friends’ friends and their friends’ friends… and that creepy guy half way around the world who you never met. This video gives you some tips on keeping your child safe while using the internet.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  3. YellowLittle Ducky says:

    0:12 – It’s a member of the waving club! =D

  4. Alex Kubel says:

    I googled my adress and it showed the exact location of my house, same with my phone number and email.

  5. Darksonn says:

    I’ll try, is it any of the following: password, pass, 123456, 123456789, qwerty, asdf, roblox or your ingame username

  6. Darksonn says:

    I don’t see a reason to hide your email.

  7. jammerjesse says:

    OKAY SO idk how but there are random advertisements like they just popped up out of no where and idk how to get rid of them I tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING works they say ad not by this site and they never were on before like 1 day ago D:

  8. TheGlugon says:

    i kinda wish they could have covered pornography in this video. Im near that puberty stage of the temptaion to…yeah. If the wellcast could help me thatd be great.

  9. Morsachu UEnvy says:

    Anti virus is like a condom only watch porn with it or get a virus.
    😛 Turst me I’m 13

  10. Isabella Goss says:

    Help please. Please make a video on what to do when you are on the computer, ALL DAY, EVERYDAY! Please help, I’m going through this, and I feel unwanted, and, going crazy!

  11. Mollypiesxoxo xo says:

    yeh i’m scared of EVERYTHING!

  12. maisie140 says:

    Its good to have fear! all it is reallly your brain going “Dont do that, you might hurt youtself” or even “Thats a strange object DONT GO NEAR IT!” so what it basicly does is pump your body with adrenilin to make you more alertso you have more chance of getting out of that area if you are attacked by somthing scary or if you get hurt you dont fell the pain for a few minuets, so you keep yourself on your feet. but if you do want to other comes fears, your gonna have to be very very brave 😛

  13. maisie140 says:

    you should hide your email becouse if someone sees it and you make a payment for somthing with your debit card they might be able to hack into your account and find your debit card number 😛

  14. Darksonn says:

    People dont just “hack” your email from the email alone, you would have to try all combinations until they reah my password, and since google has some protection you have to enter capchas if you try more than 3 passwords, thats 30^3 capchas for a 3 long password and that is alot imagine my 11 long password 30^11 and thats only if they know how long it is, it will take several years, the only exception to this is stupid passwords like 123456. oh and, hiding your email is also impractical

  15. kingcarcas1349 says:

    Have separate accounts for serious stuff and just whatever internet stuff, use a program that stores your passwords and change them every once in a while. Don’t store credit cards and such on websites if you don’t have to (THEY could get hacked!)
    Make them a “phrase” with special characters instead of just one word.
    Use adblock and noscript in your browser so websites don’t automatically run things when you get there or if you get there by accident

  16. jman12351 says:

    Porn is a wonderful way to release those urges. If you’re feeling particularly randy, then go for it! Just remember to turn on your anti-virus software first.

  17. Brooklyn Goldmith says:

    hi i watch your videos all the time and im sorta confused about sexting?

  18. TheAnimated Cat says:


  19. TheAnimated Cat says:

    Your lucky D: Im 112

  20. makeupspecialmaker says:

    not realy im 5’1 1/2 i am too skinny for my height and age

  21. 789Erim56 says:

    I lie about personal stuff

  22. ChrisVaca360 says:

    Me too

  23. ChrisVaca360 says:

    My friend has a bug virus in a 1 gig flash drive

  24. kokomomo6 says:

    I thought setting “password” as a password was unpredictable…

  25. Edward McDaniel says:

    I lie about my age on the Internet

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