Secret Sweep Nets Non-Compliant Sex Offenders

December 11, 20138 Comments

RAYTOWN, Mo. – U.S. Marshals, Sheriffs, Police and the area’s Cyber Crimes Task Force collaborated in Raytown Thursday to make sure sex offenders are following the law after they’re released from jail.

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  1. OfficialSOIssues says:

    Lies as usual! The recidivism rates for sex offenders is one of the lowest
    of any other criminal.

  2. Terra Hall says:

    I’m not sure what lies you are referring to. Did you even watch/listen to
    the story? No where do I mention anything about recidivism. This story is
    about making sure convicted sex offenders are in compliance. Nothing more.
    Nothing less.

  3. OfficialSOIssues says:

    Listen to what is at the :30 second mark. It says sex offenders are often
    repeat offenders, which is not true. Maybe for technical violations, but
    not new sex crimes.

  4. Mauricio Aguilar says:

    Sex offenders are second to the lowest in repeat offenses. You think that
    posting this you are protecting a child? I dont think so. If you want to
    report something, why dont you report that 95% of all sex crimes are
    committed by people who are not on the registry and are close friends or
    family to victims? They say 14+ old children have the mental capacity to
    have an abortion(w/o parental consent) yet they do not possess the mental
    capacity to consent to sex. Are you kidding me? Hypocrites.

  5. southport97 says:

    The registry does not protect and safeguard children. It’s primary purpose
    is to incite fear into the community and provide JOB SECURITY via security
    theater for the local police and U.S Marshals. It’s no different than
    privatizing fear for profit at the expense of the taxpayer. There is
    absolutely no tactical advantage in “knowing” where someone lives. NONE.

  6. southport97 says:

    The so-called “sex offender” registry is a REACTIONARY law masquerading as
    a proactive one under the guise of child safety and public awareness. There
    is absolutely no tactical advantage for parents, or concerned citizens, in
    knowing where someone lives. NONE. These cops are not making one bit of
    difference. They’re over-paid for what they do and they do more harm than
    good. They’re erring on the side of fear and ignorance doing these sweeps.

  7. southport97 says:

    Anyone with a GED and 13 brain cell could do what these pigs are doing.

  8. says:

    You obviously forgot your own words “because often times, sex offenders
    become repeat sex offenders.” That is a de facto claim of high recidivism.
    You obviously didn’t do your research. Thumbs down.

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