Sex, Lies, and Sex Offenders – Part 1 – Protect your children from dangerous people!

April 19, 201525 Comments

It has been requested, so here it is. These people were mentioned in Anna Salter’s book: Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, And Other Sex Offenders …

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. Chris Tuck says:

    I have lived with 2 child molester my dad and my step dad both of whom led
    double lives!
    I cannot believe the depth of their depravity of these child abusers but
    now it explains so much of what I witnessed and lived through!

  2. Rob Scott says:

    I would choke theses fuckers until their last memory is darkness

  3. Onur Yildirim says:

    what the fuck is wrong with this Wayne dude’s face..LOL…its killing
    me….no wonder he is a pathethic douche bag…

  4. Scott Fitzgerald says:

    I don’t understand why the minister was denying in the beginning, then
    admits he had 53 victims. What did I miss?

  5. Scott Fitzgerald says:

    Molesters attempt to denigrate their accusers/victims. Listen to how this
    guy puts down the “under-privileged” child he so-called helped. I knew he
    was guilty right then.

  6. Lucia Tilyard says:

    Are they all psychopaths? How does anyone understand these people? It’s
    incomprehensible. Why do they want to do these things in the first place?

  7. Ashley Worrell says:

    This is so heartbreaking! My heart goes out to those poor innocent kids</3

  8. Yolanda Baxter says:

    Walter Kevin McPherson, changes his name to obtain a Facebook account; from
    walter to Kevin vice versa. Once convicted, whats the status on that? 

  9. rescyou says:

    A preacher, a drunk and a pedophile enter a bar, he sits down and orders a

  10. You're not on fire yet. says:

    It gets more disturbing than this? Shit…

  11. Legendetic06 says:

    I wonder what programs these people are on to make them open up like this,
    and if they have any remorse now, probably not.

  12. Jim Jones Saved Lives! says:

    I’m confused by the first man. He started off by telling the woman about
    all his attributes as a member in society; if you will, then it all
    changed. What is this about?? Why did he build himself up like that??

    But that guy….that fucking guy with the sweat jacket on and big glasses.
    That guy is gonna give me nightmares. Seriously. I wanted to cry during
    that part, and almost couldn’t watch the whole thing.

  13. Mack Wicker says:

    how do they live with themselves? these guys are true monsters!

  14. 6laderunner says:

    Everyone in the world needs to watch these videos. People just refuse to
    tell themselves the truth about how these predators operate, which allows
    them to continue abusing. Everyone needs to understand the basic
    psychological profile and MO of these people, including perpetrators of all
    demographics–race, socioeconomic status, age, etc–to help end the various
    layers of denial people have. It won’t stop all of the abuse, but it would
    certainly help.
    I wish someone would make a really well-made, award-winning documentary
    about this topic with similar interviews with modern pedophiles. Maybe they
    could also interview victims or victims’ families, people who know/knew the
    perpetrators, etc… but keep the focus on the mentality and methods of
    these predators, with the goal being to get these kinds of interviews in
    front of as big and diverse of an audience as possible.

  15. thebigpete22 says:

    Send these bastards to hell and let them fuckin fry

  16. Charles Higgins says:

    Not everyone who engages in sex with a child is a predator. My wife cut me
    off making love only on the Saturday after my birthday every third year.
    She had previously claimed to be a Bible believing Christian and that book
    says in 3 places that the wife should be subject to her husband and has
    specific language forbidding either partner from refusing the other when
    they want to have sex. So w3e fought a great deal over this issue. My
    daughter realizing she was a girl decided to take her mother’s place as my
    sex partner and since I had not had sex in 1080 days I was weak and did as
    she asked me. You might say I belong in prison. Been there. Got out in 2011
    and won’t ever do it again because I know how I harmed her. 

  17. MR STUDEBAKER says:

    Search youtube> George Orwell/Megan’s law is evil’

  18. Jermaine Williams says:

    Just another example of the sick behaviors of the Caucasian race. 

  19. Charles Higgins says:

    Unlike the men in this film I had only one victim and have been out of
    prison for near 4 years and will not make another victim because while
    living with my original victim I saw the damage I caused to her. In
    treatment they said I was not a pedophile nor a predator. The truth is my
    wife was an incest victim. Raped at age 8.

  20. Ercilia Hernandez says:

    The most Outstanding and Respected are almost always the SCUM

  21. Ratjuice Nefarious says:

    REPTILIAN AT 16:46

  22. Laura Seymore says:

    Just sickening

  23. Craftsman says:

    23:20 if your scared call BACA. They will sit in the court room with you.
    Nothing like about 20 big bikers looking to show that pedophile what his
    insides look like.

  24. Bag Man says:

    a homosexual, a preacher, a rapist, and a liar walk into a bar, he orders a

  25. VIJAY Kumar says:

    B .com chiY/ g

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