Sex, Lies, and Sex Offenders – Part 2 – Sadistic vs Non-Sadistic Offenders – Protect your children!

April 12, 201525 Comments

It has been requested, so here it is. Sex, Lies, and Sex Offenders Part 2 – WARNING – Very Disturbing! These people were mentioned in Anna Salter’s book: Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, And…

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. DaithiDublin says:

    Thank you for uploading those two videos. They were definitely an
    eye-opener. I can’t remember ever having observed these deviants being so
    open and honest and it was shocking to the core. There is *no way* that
    they would be so honest if they weren’t incarcerated. They were obviously
    choosing to be honest out of self interest in order to appear to be
    co-operating with whatever treatment programme they were a part of. Honesty
    can only be found in these people when it is self-serving.

    That Youth minister at the start of part one was *still* attempting to
    claim special privilege for ‘men of the cloth’, and I notice he wasn’t
    particularly open about his crimes – at least not as included here, and
    especially in comparison to those depraved men in part two. The testimony
    of the sexual sadists was gut wrenching to listen to, but the methods of
    coercion and manipulation of their victims, and their own images in their
    communities really needs to be more widely understood. *Anyone* in regular
    contact with children needs to know what to look for, and to observe
    closely those around them. Nobody should be above suspicion. Heartbreaking

  2. rrevved says:

    7:45 You know what? A .22 caliber bullet costs only a few pennies.

  3. Tyra Ahmed says:

    Was strange seeing them speak so candidly….they are pure evil and if let
    loose will be murderers too, they deserve to be executed especially that
    sadistic stepdad he was the most evil one im shocked that no one believed
    the poor child bet his lifes been ruined…single women with children need
    to be vary of who they bring into their childrens lives….

  4. Gary Martin says:

    Cut off their arms, legs and tongue and leave them on the side of the road
    to rot.
    These people are the filth of society..none can be rehabilitated and why
    the fuck should society pay for their horrid lives through either a loved
    one being horendously hurt or with them being incarcerated..Bullet behind
    the right ear and fed to crocodiles in the zoo.

  5. Jennifer Majewski says:

    Jesus, I think Ed Norton based his character in Primal Fear on this guy. 

  6. msmarcia777 says:

    I’d like a law that cut all pedos’s genitals without anesthetic and
    afterwards, leave them to blood to death.

  7. jeff newton says:

    Throw em’ in a sealed room with a camera, watch as they choke and puke,
    piss and crap all over themselves, tossing one after the other, grinding,
    sliding as the new ones going got a good idea what was happening. I bet ya’
    there would be no more child molesters, sadist’s, masochist’s or any other
    disgusting filthy things these asshole of the earth. They don’t have the
    honor of calling themselves people. I’m a former victim. If any body wants
    to say we dont want go to their level, or study or feel sorry. You don’t
    know what it is to be a victim. I hope there are others who feel the same.
    I always hear ” whatever does’nt killya makes ya’ stronger” I know it made
    me stronger, but angrier too. I’m 45 and I still think about it. I’ve been
    poisoned, and thats the truth.

  8. Chris Tuck says:

    Cannot believe what goes on their heads! however awful this video is…..we
    need to watch it to actually see how devious and dangerous these people

  9. SylvanaForrester says:

    My God, the case of Gerald is absolutely galling. To think the boy reported
    his molestation multiple times and was ignored, that Gerald himself
    attempted to confess to the police and was shrugged off — one wonders if
    those responsible for the preponderance of systemic failures along the way
    are able to live with themselves, knowing that their incompetence left an
    innocent child vulnerable to such heinous cruelty over such an
    unnecessarily long period of time. And the boy’s mother — Christ Almighty!
    — it’s extremely difficult to muster a sense of empathy for a person so
    lacking in self-regard that she not only remained in a relationship with a
    violent psychopath, but managed to turn a blind eye to the unfathomable
    cruelty being visited upon her son on a regular basis. To think of what
    that child endured is almost too much. I genuinely wish with all of my
    heart that he is able to heal and live some semblance of a normal life.
    How, I have no idea.

  10. Scott Fitzgerald says:

    If I met these people in my daily life, I don’t know that I would ever
    suspect them of being anything other than normal. That scares hell out of
    me. It honestly makes me afraid of people, distrustful of people. How
    much evil do we encounter all the time, and never know? I hate to live
    with a wall around me and my family, but what other can one do?

  11. Lucia Tilyard says:

    So….. you can’t really trust anyone, because even the nicest seeming
    person might just be manipulating you!

  12. GuccizBud says:

    It’s too bad about the low res, I suspect it’s why the views counter isn’t

  13. jen smith says:

    Do you know how sick evil bitches and evil bastards have done to me,my
    family,and babies and kids even pregnant females of my family since year
    2000 or 2001. Want to read some FUCKING SICK SHIT these evil bitches and
    bastards of Mt.Pleasant and Traverse City,Michigan and nearby fucking
    cities? Lower case L. password is codeword. Look under
    Family. These evil sick bitches and bastards needs to be charged FAR more
    felony crimes,including child porn distribution. These evil sick bitches
    and bastards have been stalking me and my family,and even been video taping
    and staring us using THE FUCKING BATHROOM.

  14. Legendetic06 says:

    Gerald is referring to his lack of empathy in the past tense, as if he has
    empathy now, surely not? He doesn’t flinch at all when recounting his
    extreme abuse. Although he did say he went to turn himself in which is

  15. Rehab Foxy says:

    Instead of locking up sick fucks like him into a mental asylum, I would of
    locked him up in a REAL maximum security prison. I would LOVE to see him
    locked up with a bunch of bank robbers, murderers, thieves, serial killers,
    and all the other types of criminals. With at least a 10 year body building
    training. I would die to see him taking a shower with all the other inmates
    looking at him, admiring his body shape, and finally see Fleece Johnson
    walk up to him and say to him “I like you, and I want you, now… We can do
    this the easy way or the hard way, the choice is your’s.” And see him
    choosing the hard way and see Fleece just grab him by the shirt pull him
    right over, bend him down and rip his pants of and just go to town on his
    anus. It would hurt him mentally, physically, and emotionally. And finally
    it would give him his victim’s point of view if what they felt and he would
    now understand what it feels like to have your ass busted open. It would
    scare all other sex offenders and pedophiles and maybe, just maybe, make
    this generation not fucked up as it used to be, THAN interview him and tell
    him what his point of view was. Now THAT’S poetic justice!

  16. Dreambro1 says:

    He should move to Africa. That seems to be the age group girls have babies
    at. 9 to 13.

  17. Pedro Wiegmann says:


    How do you know the young man isn’t incorporating what he learned in a very
    happy sex life with consensual S&M gay lovers?

    I say that, because I know Gerald quite well. We sat on a board together
    for some time. He told me the young man thoroughly enjoyed the experiences
    and I believe him. Young people don’t have to be victims, even DURING the
    so-called abuse. This was my experience growing up as well….and I liked
    it, although it wasn’t SM stuff.

    Gerald is one of the best guys I know and he’s out now and working with
    youth groups and troubled kids. He really turned it around and the therapy
    has helped him know how to keep out of trouble. When the therapists try to
    trick him into saying certain things, he knows to keep it on the DL now. He
    also knows how to work the therapists and keep them off his case, otherwise
    they’d likely find out he was working with the Boy Scouts and they woudl
    stop him and ruin it for the Troop and Gerald. Gerald knows almost all the
    knots you have to learn in scouts, because he’s tied people up for so many
    years in the past. Now he’s using that to help kids get their merit badges
    and learn survival skills.

    Don’t be such bigots people. Paedophiles will always be paedophiles, but
    they can turn their lives around too. Gerald has done that and hwen he dies
    he will be seated at the right hand of the Father and will walk with Jesus.


  18. Mcrxwolf says:

    Did anyone notice that every man interviewed had blue eyes? I hope im not
    next! Just KIDding haha

  19. Quietsoul180 says:

    I wish I was raped when I was 5 years old??? I bet I would liked it.

  20. Gavin Deulufount says:

    These guys are allowed to thrive because of the core American conservative
    idea that people with good jobs and a decent income must also be good
    people. The belief that only a morally sound person could acquire a regular
    middle class living. The old “he’s just a good Christian man who goes to
    work every day” trope. There’s this foolish idea that only the homeless guy
    with raggedy clothes, or the intimidating looking black man, are the only
    ones to fear. There’s this childish idea that bad people are like cartoon
    villains and wear it on their sleeve. If people weren’t so self-satisfied
    with their own simplistic judgements it would be harder for these scumbags.

  21. Ercilia Hernandez says:


  22. Therodinn says:

    This is disgusting. The police never take serious crimes seriously, but
    when it’s everyday crap that you could postpone the police always show up
    right on time.

    Fucking disgusting. 

  23. Alan Lo says:

    I will surely shoot these bastards in their face if I see them face to

  24. Slappysack23 says:

    i think its funny how nobody talks about the epidemic of female rapists

  25. Cherish B. says:

    Fun Fact: People that are in jail DO NOT take kindly to pedo’s. I was
    watching tv and this guy was in jail for murder, BUT he said that hurting
    kids WAS NOT RIGHT.. Robbing, Killing, Stealing are fine for people in jail
    but if they find out you have hurt a child they will kill you..

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