Sex Offender Caught At School During School Hours

February 5, 201424 Comments

 A convicted sex offender is caught on tape inside a St. Charles Middle School during school hours. He is now under arrest and many are wondering hat his motives were inside the campus. Nearly 800 7th and 8th graders go to Hardin Middle School. The convicted sex offender got past the lobby area.

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  1. southport97 says:

    Fox News = Republican mouthpiece to further the John Walsh fear mongering
    agenda. John Walsh = liar, hypocrite and coward.

  2. SuperBON3R says:


  3. Maddy Shuford says:

    Wow.. Also my school>_>

  4. horsecrazygirl97 says:

    of cource my school…and thats my science teacher

  5. Rachel M says:

    myy school, and the concerned mom is my best friend cody’s mom.

  6. heelo112 says:

    That’s my school!

  7. drewxx11 says:

    Lol i go to this school… I wonder if my feet are in here.

  8. kyliekristine90 says:

    Of course, my school. -.-

  9. Dallen Fluitt says:

    i raped the replay button like please hjahahaha fucking funny

  10. corvet11756 says:

    so ur 21 and go to middle school?

  11. kyliekristine90 says:

    lol im not 21

  12. bella amour says:

    Smh I thought it would be a white guy…lol

  13. Tou choua yang says:

    Geez…they all act like they’re heros who caught a mass murderer….lame

  14. Rob Ricardo says:


  15. ImallgtaV says:

    This is dumb af. Nothing happend? Calm you’re tits.

  16. ImallgtaV says:


  17. worsethan oj says:

    Why do people vote for politicians that let child molesters out of prison
    and into their neighborhoods? The cops brag about how they’re being
    monitored. Well, this one was being monitored too, wasn’t he? I have a cure
    that will work in a very short time. 1st if somebody has a problem in this
    area and wants to turn themselves in and get help and they haven’t hurt
    anyone, then provide a safe place for them to do that. 2nd, Stop voting for
    people that turn criminals loose on us and our kids.

  18. pharastar1 says:

    he is a sex offender he is not supposed to be around kids at all!

  19. pharastar1 says:

    what so you think sex offenders are only white?

  20. hotgirlsarehot says:

    I have a cure that will work in an even shorter time. All you need is a gun
    and a bullet for said gun.

  21. bella amour says:

    no lol but most of them are…ijs

  22. TrollMeanFilms says:

    That awkward moment when u go to that school -_-

  23. ShittStorm16 says:

    those white girls have some very beautiful legs

  24. streetBMX62 BMX says:

    oh guess what, i walked past a pedo today *mom* “OMG WE NEED TO CALL THE

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