SHOCKING VIDEO!!! Child Abuse by Baby Sitter

April 10, 201324 Comments

If you hire a babysitter to watch your child, make sure you check the sitter out thoroughly. Every parent should watch and probably take precautionary measures.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. Lililove1994 says:

    Ugh i would be in jail i would fucken kill that dumb ass bitch

  2. MLi Andersson says:

    omg im so angry right now!! -.-
    people who do this should been going thrue worse things then the babies!!
    (sorry for my bad english, im swedish (a) )

  3. Keion Bowden says:

    I hope she well rot in hell!

  4. tracey cross says:

    She will rot in hell. Makes me so sick to the stomach to watch. Pure evil.

  5. tracey cross says:

    I really hope she gets whats coming to her in prison. I’m not a violent person but anything to do with children makes me so angry!!

  6. jack denton says:

    This is what her ass Is waiting for my foot

  7. jake lolboy says:

    go to hell BICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Al Sadd says:

    Why is everybody so worked up, I think it’s perfectly fine.

  9. landyandtomgaming says:


  10. Honey Hamster says:

    Omg this is awful ;( I hope she rots in hell stupid botch

  11. Honey Hamster says:

    * bitch

  12. MatrixBasque10 says:

    You guys are assholes. Why say rot in hell. Which, doesn’t really mean anything since there’s no such thing as a heaven, hell, sins, or salvation.

  13. tompay2 says:

    She need to die

  14. soroush1373rock says:

    oww my god how could you do that to a kid !!?!??! I would beat you to death for doing that to the little kid if that kid was mine !

  15. Ciarra carter says:

    … If i were there, shell be dead.. Js

  16. jesscard2008jc says:

    I would gut this old hag like a  freaking pig if i was this babies mom

  17. maddie maroney says:


  18. cory mccloskey says:

    Matrixbasque10 I am Catholic and keep your own religion to your self I think there is a heaven and a hell I don’t

  19. cory mccloskey says:

    Care what you say

  20. Celso Maglasang says:

    I would also hate People who are doing one of this Abuse .
    This is just a Child, Couldn’t you figured out that you’re just Older than
    that child ? .. Fuck you! You’re fired! Fired you, your awesome Organs
    Would kill you!

  21. Ben Polston says:

    Burn that fat ugly bitch alive throw her in a hole and walk away!

  22. Eh915832 says:

    That’s so sad

  23. Mikatte Minaj says:

    That fat ugly bitch wouldn’t want a piece of me especially if she messed with my brother

  24. Camryn Flores says:


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