Child Abuse – Shocking Footage Of Russian Orphanage

June 6, 201324 Comments

A good samaritan, Gennady Uvarov sent in this video to the editors of to see if they could raise awareness of the child abuse issue. You won’t understand what they are saying, unless you speak Russin, but we can agree that video speaks louder than words. Please pass this video along to raise awareness of the abuse issue at orphanages in Russia. This video will bring tears to your eyes.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. dondindonev says:

    The woman you think the staff isn’t the staff; she is also one of the orphans. She was abused like that when she was a kid,,so she did the revenge to the younger ones.

  2. ecsposur says:

    Thanks for protecting them from Americans, Putin.

  3. Niina Lamouz says:

    omg! this kind of people shouldn’t be alive! I’m so mad to see this!
    if I never see someone same like she can’t say what can happen to her or him!

  4. Ranch Roberts says:

    I would love to beat these women with my own fists. If I couldn’t hold back and killed, then so be it. I felt something horrible in my throat. I don’t have children yet, but I love my nephew and niece so much.

  5. amyers9427 says:

    U fuckin whore u need to die

  6. nick kramer says:

    what could have these innocent children have done so badly that has made this woman torture them to this point of inhumanity? I don’t think these young children could have done ANYTHING to deserve these hideous beatings. Lord, help those children, PLEASE..these children suffer enough in their hearts because they don’t have parents, they certainly don’t need to be physically punished in addition…..

  7. ETJ111096 says:

    death sentence needs to be brought back for things like this.

  8. Eric Wong says:

    I hate u go to HELL!!!!,

  9. curlyjo2001 says:

    If I was there and she bested me like that, I would of smashed a bottle over her head and punch her until she bleeds. ( yes I am a girl BTW)

  10. curlyjo2001 says:

    * beated

  11. pamelagrichards says:

    no words..

  12. juliojimenez7601 says:

    Fuckin bitch if I was there I would beat the shit out of in front of those innocent children

  13. Vladimir Putin says:

    Not in MY Russia.

  14. Sarah Smith says:

    She’s laughing!!!! What the f**k?!?! Tht woman’s a living hell! She’s a piece of f***ing trash!!!!

  15. Aleksandar Krstevski says:

    Someone should kill the bitch…slowly!!!

  16. soccergirl2594 says:

    if im correct russia has closed international adoption… this should prove why interenational adoption should be opened back up. they dont need to be there, even if it closed they shouldnt be there. orphanages do more harm then good.

  17. twinzsniper1 says:

    Why do they record this

  18. anaholeen says:

    Y todavia le da risa ala estupida!!!…acercate ami perra!!! Voy hacerte cosquillas!

  19. lucymendez412 says:

    Omg im crying wat da fuck is wrong with that bitch and shes laughing Ugh i swear i hipe she burnz in hell !

  20. myworldismyfamily12 says:

    All of these women need to be tied to a tree and beaten exactly like they beat those kids. obviously ongoing abuse. I mean fuck that doesn’t prove your “badass.” If anything this shows how weak these women r.

  21. giovanistarksgs says:

    I will find these women, and when I do…. Im going to kill you.

  22. nurul natasyah says:

    Oh dear this children does not have parents
    That woman should die !!
    U don deserve to live … U bloody B**CH

  23. gegemichiko says:


  24. countrygrilwitflavor says:

    Poor children fucking scumbag anyone who does this to a child deserves to rot in hell

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