SHOCKING: Sandy Hook CHILD ABUSE During Fox News Interview

December 17, 201425 Comments

Sandy Hook Revisited: The Disturbing Case of Alexis Wasik – Mind Control & Child Abuse This video exposes the disturbing case of the “Wasik” family of Sandy Hook.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. Red Pill Revolution says:
  2. Ben A says:

    Very creepy! The whole initial conversation just seemed extremely forced
    and highly scripted…

    Too much to think about and too many uncomfortable thoughts running in my

    Must go crack open a beer and watch TV.

    Must go crack open a beer and watch TV.

    Must go…..

  3. speedystriper says:

    I really do believe that almost the entire town was made up of pedophiles.
    sex perverts, felons and assorted mob connected characters who were
    basically forced to participate, through blackmail, in this hoax. Something
    very, very strange was (is?) going on up there.

  4. UpNorthOfThe49th says:

    Anyone who has children can see, that little girl looks like she wants no
    part of the scenario. She looks very uncomfortable and scared. Look when he
    puts both hands around her. She wants to run. This is not normal behavior
    for either parent or child.

  5. Sid Young says:

    This is very disturbing and I remember this footage B4 but didn’t observe
    it like I am now. This is one time I wish a child would of acted OUT an
    threw a fit for the way she was being treated.

  6. Dub Griffin says:

    The crazy part is I have a family full of women. And all of them have kids.
    and when I showed them proof that the Sandy Hook incident is a hoax, they
    agree almost quicker than I can show them details that prove it was a false
    flag. And the part that they point to to show me that they believe it is a
    hoax as well as the interviews with the parents and children . Because a
    mother: especially a mother: is going to know her child inside and out and
    what takes an event like this and be in the street protesting and demanding
    answers from the school, police and coroner. Not smiling on ABC and acting
    like this was a natural event like a storm. Women know! So please share
    this with your mothers aunties cousins nieces and let them know that this
    government does not care and to protect our rights as citizens. God bless.

  7. aj madcapocean says:

    I remember seeing this the first time and it still turns my stomach. How
    can you not get pissed off watching this disgusting couple manipulate this
    little girl. Some horrible acting going on here.
    On another note, looks like the SH parents are at it again trying to
    collect Mo Money!

  8. houseoflogic1969 says:

    Very disturbing! Thanks for the great catch RPR.

  9. Mary Greeley says:

    Good video.

  10. SexyZ0mbieKillers says:

    It’s a normal response to your child being in proximity to a mass murder to
    want to go shopping for phones. I know the first thing I want to do after
    avoiding death is to consume.

    Last count nearly $30 million went to the families who participated in the
    hoax. Of course the mother was laughing, all the way to the bank.

  11. Unshackledmind says:

    I do not believe the official story…But i can not understand it when i
    see videos like these with titles “SHOCKING: Sandy Hook Student ABUSED &
    CHOKED” What’s wrong with people…? Can’t you see the child was not being
    choked…? The late George Carlin once said”That the majority of Americans
    are dumb mother fuckers” … ‘His words, not mine…! I’m now leaning
    towards his opinion to be quite accurate….! ☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹

  12. David Kendall says:

    Does the average person not have any idea how loud a .223 rifle going off
    in a hallway or enclosed space would be? There is absolutely no chance that
    this kid wouldn’t have wet herself if all those rounds were being fired in
    the same building. It’s not possible. The school wasn’t that big. You would
    have heard this “event” a mile away, much less 100 yards away in an
    enclosed building.

    Let me just clarify it to someone who isn’t quite getting it.


    That’s how likely it would have been that this kid wouldn’t have wet
    herself with 100+ rounds coming out of a .223 bushmaster rifle in that
    building while she was in it.

  13. Daisy Schmitt says:

    …geez the first interview is to say the least more then a bizarre, the
    father is not once trying to make contact with his daughter…as if she is
    a stranger. I know for sure that my dad would have embraced me, keep me
    close to his side, keeping physical contact everything that would reasure
    him that I’m safe…and would have told these reporters to fuck off…but
    this dude is just folding his hands and doesn’t even look at the girl the
    same with the mom… truly an absolute awkward and imo abusive behavior…
    poor kid got sold out by her own greedy parents..

  14. Jimbo smith says:

    You guys may be delusional, nutty, because this event actually happened! 

  15. mandy joy says:

    ya that kid is deff. not happy at all!! she keeps trying to pull his hands
    away.. looks fucked if u ask me. it dont look like hes trying to “comfort
    her” no the complete opposite.
    sick bitches….

  16. Trevor Regay says:

    Something to think about here ….again, keep an open mind to some degree on
    my comment……..I watched the other vid you had on this little girl and she
    never really answered the reporters question…..almost like she is repeating
    rehearsed lines…..I see in this interview the girl is NOT allowed to speak,
    and with the parents acting weirdly and, yes, I agree…nervous……….however,
    the thing I would like to draw your attention to is how the Dad’s face has
    all kinds of anomalies going on with it…..many write this stuff off as
    camera pixelation…….not so sure…..this could very well be some
    shapeshifting going on….as this man may not be human and is an impostor of
    the REAL Joe…..and perhaps this is how this child’s mind is being
    controlled and requires physical touching to keep her on point……….again,
    just a thought, and yes, this is a radical thought, but then again…the
    whole Sandy Hook thing has been a radical thought.

  17. underdog353777 says:

    She’s a young girl in a scary and confusing situation. Her parents are
    probably just as confused bewildered. Because that’s kinda what happens.

    But nah, let’s psychoanalyze them based on nervous ticks on a fucking TV
    interview (cause everyone knows how to properly act in those!) and claim
    this proves anything.

    Fucking prick. What the hell is wrong with you people? 

  18. StabbeDbyGirL says:

    I saw mad Dumping Delight in 2:58
    Check that out

  19. skippy dippy says:

    This is just F’d up !!! Why don’t people push for truth everywhere !!!
    GET OFF THE TV !!!! I know people that actually cry when they talk about
    this government paid for bullshit less than (B) grade TV production. Since
    the invention of TV it’s been a propaganda machine. It’s become a tool to
    destroy the Constitution and liberties. And sheeple of this country help
    the evil by buying into anything they see on the TV/news. 

  20. Product of Christ says:

    That was fucking hard to watch,
    I have soo much hate in my heart for these people!!!

  21. LEV1ATHAN says:

    Im pretty sure the mom is trying to get him to let go of the girl. She
    tries to gently lead his arm away, then actually gets her hands in between
    his arm and the girl. I think she just didn’t want to make a scene about
    her being uncomfortable. There could be any number of reasons why the girl
    is uncomfortable.. from abuse to just being a kid thats really tired of
    doing this whole TV thing.. It just could be anything and I feel like that
    part is a misinterpretation/you’re reading into it a bit too deeply.

  22. Evil Shred says:

    forget about the abuse , i think the whole family got graphic or software
    issue , i dont wana say reptilians so i dont get stupid comments but its
    obvious in the end of this video the whole family got eye and tongue
    problems and even speech problem as seen in many other videos , same facial
    patterns and their weird tongue movements as well , 

  23. moldovan alin says:

    Fucking unbelievable, right under the nose of millions of people and yet
    nobody gave a damn ! The future doesn’t look very bright for us ! 

  24. reandruzzi says:

    This was absolutely hilarious. Are you even being serious with this one? Do
    you have any children? These parents acted like distressed parents. The
    first interview they were clearly in shock (which is why the mother was
    “laughing”) and in addition to the shock, they were also extremely relieved
    that their daughter was alive. In the last interview, you can tell all
    three of the Wasiks are much more distressed, which is to be expected after
    a couple of days. The dad was holding on to his daughter for dear life.
    Yes, she seemed a bit annoyed by it and the mom was telling her husband to
    let go a little, but they were also being interviewed for the umpteenth
    time. These are the kind of situations where you hold your children closer.

    I can’t speak on whether or not Sandy Hook in general was a “hoax”, but
    this particular video had absolutely no red flags for me whatsoever.

  25. Chris Gonzalez says:

    It’s called shock.

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