Should The Parents Of Bullies Be Fined?

June 5, 20136 Comments

A panel talks about how the parents of bullies will have to start paying for their child’s behavior. In Monona, Wisconsin parents would first get a warning and then have to pay a fine if their child bullies another person.

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  1. kaderm14 says:

    This is a joke

  2. Mr1958louief says:

    if the kid is under 14 fine their ass once, I bet the bully, will be bullied at home. if older than that it is most likely too late. But, there is still prison they can look forward to.

  3. David Mcd says:

    Shitty parents raise shitty kids. Let them pay the fine.

  4. ConnerCalebMadness says:

    Make the fine higher!

  5. Abby Benfer says:

    Make them give the money to the kids getting bullies

  6. Abby Benfer says:


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