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Stolen Innocence – SHOCKING FBI CRIME DOCUMENTARY Eight-year-old Sandra Cantu is playing outside her mobile home in Tracy, California when she vanishes into thin air. Only a surveillance …

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. Robert Cece says:

    Fucked up bitch. She drugged a young, beautiful, innocent girl just so she
    could stick a rolling pin up her ass then kill her? God bless that poor
    family. And please keep uploading these episodes. These are good stories
    like Dateline & 48 hours. Very hard to find new crime shows like these…

  2. Romina Rehi says:

    I think its because she wanted to frame her grandpa (or dad?) who she was
    living with and owned the church. So she would get him out of the picture
    so she could take over the church and live by herself. Thats just my
    theory… does anyone agree? 

  3. trish devine says:

    no words 4 this crime of a innocent….trust nobody with ur kids
    period..educate them also about pervs…about nobody touchin them includin
    family members teachers etc…scary world we live in or maybe it was always
    like this.

  4. JojoplusBo says:

    Wow, that mother had not seen her daughter since 3:00pm and only makes a
    police report at 8:00pm. Five hours is a very long time to not have any
    contact with your child when you don’t know their whereabouts and with whom
    they are with. . . sad.

  5. angie angie says:

    I just saw the documentary, im a 3 year old’s baby girl’s mum, i felt ike
    my heart was sinking, i pray for her family, she is an angel, in a better
    place, Mellissa deserve death penalty, she deserve to sufer just as much as
    the poor little Thing suffered, i can’t believe she is a mother herself God
    protect us from these animals

  6. Ellie x says:

    I’m sorry but there is really no excuse to not know where your 8 year old
    child is or who she/he is engaging with. It’s 2000’s, there are
    manipulative pedophiles, creeps & angry sadistic psycho/sociopaths
    everywhere. When your child is 12-13 and wants to do stuff by themselves,
    with friends & without you, get them a phone until that age you should know
    where they are, what they are doing & who they are with. Don’t go letting
    your kids go around to people’s houses (even friends houses) until you know
    them or the parents. It’s kind of a no brainer that there would be creeps
    in a trailer park as if you’d let your child run around and in old mens
    trailors, disgusting. 

  7. brandy sigmon says:

    They should kill that fat, attention hungry cunt!!

  8. Yvonne Dette says:

    RIP Little one – No child deserved what that cow did to you… I hope tha
    bitch gets the bash in prison…

  9. Mary Austin says:

    I remember her case being all over the news.So sad to think of what she
    suffered through.May you rest in peace Sweet Angel.

  10. Stephanie Wilson says:

    And they said they trusted everybody in the neighbourhood. The two men with
    the stuffed animal and pictures of. Little girls were not arrested? I’d
    move quick!

  11. krisscouture says:

    Let’s not blame the mom who, yes she let her young daughter be outside
    unsupervised, but she did not ask this fucking trash pile to murder and
    rape her daughter. Let’s put blame where it belongs: this piece of shit
    chose to murder Sandra, it is her fault alone and no one elses. 

  12. ForeverAnalog says:

    Why is it when a woman does a horrific crime like this, there are always
    excuses made for the behavior. “Oh she was mentally ill”, “she probably was
    the victim of abuse herself”, “she just wanted some attention and love
    herself” etc etc. Female teachers sleep with male students and they always
    make excuses for that. They are just as sick and perverted as any male
    perpetrator and deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  13. Darkside780 says:

    Fucking sick. I’ve always wanted to go on a killing spree and slaughter
    rapists and child molesters. 

  14. Angel Kim says:

    Maybe I’m overprotective, but I wouldn’t have let my 8 year old walk around
    by herself in a neighborhood…

  15. Darude Sandstorm says:

    There you have it folks. The proof is in the pudding. Trailer parks are
    homes for demons… Nearly every resident there was either sick, a felon, a
    sexual deviant, a parolee, and quite frankly, a murderer.

  16. Christel Turkusic says:

    OMG a lot of perverts live on that park. why move there with children ?

  17. Brianna Helton says:

    What is wrong with the world today?

  18. Angela Westcliff says:

    I’m sorry but I have too say this….wtf is an 8yr old going around on her
    own & into ppls houses?…I wasn’t & that was in the 60s & child abductions
    were rare…..I don’t understand. Her Mum said she was really friendly, if
    you’re friendly too a child they think you’re they’re friend & they trust
    you….so wtf….wtf!!!??

  19. Atul Goku says:

    The world is full of dangers……

  20. Savyar says:


  21. Liberty Luke says:

    Rape is So wrong!!!! I miss Sandra! I went to school with her…..

  22. Toby W says:

    I do not believe this woman did this crime. As a feminist I can tell you
    that only men rape. She is probably covering up for one of her neighbors. 

  23. Noodliest says:

    Child rapists in prison have it pretty rough, imagine what they would do
    someone who killed a child. Surprised Huckaby hasn’t killed herself in
    prison yet. Death penalty is too easy.

  24. Sarah Mckendry says:

    I can understand how the mum let her child roam around. Thing about this:
    About 100 people living in your town, everybody knows everybody. You would
    basically trust mostly everybody in the town. You could let your kids roam
    around telling them to be careful of people you didn’t trust, you had
    people you trusted looking after them. 

  25. gabrielle lawrence says:

    Wow how sad where do I start ? First r.i.p Sandra prayers goes out to her
    family and people who is/ are effected by this case. Secondly to me I don’t
    care if it’s 40 people living in a trailer park in a circle my child will
    not be out walking and talking to people like their grown that too damn
    friendly for me. When i have a child I will not put nothing past no one
    WITH MINES!!! The trailer parks had a lot of creepy people that should not
    been there in the first place. Now it make me feel like its true most
    people who live or from the trailer park have or come from a fucked up poor
    background. And Melissa is beyond a sick bitch to me kill a little innocent
    girl for no reason LIE!!!!!!! Something in her mind trig her to mess with
    Sandra on that day and moment. And who else besides me feel like she told
    on herself. by putting herself in the spotlight with the letter. I hope the
    mother Is more protected with her other child she do have left. And they
    should see if melissa did anything to her own child. The world ain’t sick
    it’s the people in the world! God bless

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