Stranger Awareness For Kids – Shortened Child Safety Video

September 1, 201324 Comments

This video on stranger awareness follows a young boy named Billy on his way to his school bus stop. Along the way Billy is approached by a stranger. The video shows kids what to do if they are approached by a stranger. It also shows what children should watch for and who they should let know about the stranger.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. SuperMusicman101 says:

    The video quality looks like a Minecraft texture pack

  2. Katgirl molly says:

    What do you mean “secretly” I’m almost twelve I secretly watch Shan Dawson and I have my own YouTube channel secretly what is there to be secret about this

  3. Kiyoko504 says:

    All those who think they are secretly watching this or have to do such do not be freaked out its good to watch videos like this no harm in sharpening your safety skills

  4. Jenna Fritz says:

    No clue how I got here :/

  5. SteveJoe4 says:

    warning for kids, tip’s for adults

  6. hassan abbas says:

    ”if billy made the wrong choise and wnt with the stranger the stranger may’v kill him.!!!! .. it happend at my country 1 time a story i remember till now the same as this story and the kid went with the stangers and he killed him!!!!

  7. creganpage says:

    ” I work with your dad down at the shop!” ” My dad does not work at a shop you idoit!”

  8. Emily Ho says:

    my name is emily

  9. Agluva sparkleshine says:

    omg same! i watch him too! and i also secrectly hav an account too, excespt im nine

  10. Jinx Loves Kid Flash says:

    my mom and dad told me to not restond

  11. Jinx Loves Kid Flash says:


  12. Suzanne Sieder says:

    i only watched this crap cause my consuler from my school made us i was in the 5th grade i know about these pedos in black toyotas

  13. RawTomato675 says:

    in reality the man wouldve took out a gun and shot billy now lets help billy make the choice between hell and heaven

  14. MrCruzAlex says:

    Fuckin Billy

  15. fsmaario1 says:

    Go in the mans car

  16. Jasmine Be says:


  17. Jayda Harrison says:

    I’m 20 and I’m watching this. I don’t even know WHY I’m watching this.

  18. Don Prack says:


  19. ryan harrison says:

    91 people are pedophiles

  20. ryancl3989 says:


  21. HOODIEBOY935 says:

    1. The 2 kids should have walked home together to get the book. 2. Billy shouldn’t have talked to the kid in the first place. 3. This never would have happened if the 2 kids walked to Billy’s house together? 4. Remember his f**king license number.

  22. thesir27 says:

    why does this look like that movie A Scanner Darkly?
    or i should say
    A Stranger Darkly

  23. Aye Rae says:

    these videos are great and all but I really think they should show some things that could happen if they did choose to get in the car.

  24. gabriel walker says:

    get in the mans car.

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