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Doug Millar – Michael Aquino & Satanic Sex Ritual Child Abuse

December 22, 20130 Comments

Interview with Doug Millar an investigator of things like Satanic ritual abuse and child sex abuse. His findings really make you think  about what’s really happening to missing children.

Mystery Blond Girl Found In Greece Prompts Search For Parents

October 21, 20130 Comments

By Laura Smith-Spark, CNN

Handout photo released by Greek police shows an unidentified 4-year-old girl who was found on October 17, 2013 near Farsala in central Greece during a crackdown on illegal activities by Roma.

Handout photo released by Greek police shows an unidentified 4-year-old girl who was found on October 17, 2013 near Farsala in central Greece during a crackdown on illegal activities by Roma.

(CNN) — Pale, blond and blue-eyed, the 4-year-old girl looks shyly into the camera.

This is no ordinary photo, though. The little girl pictured is at the center of a mystery.

Police in Greece say they found her Thursday with a Roma couple posing as her parents but have no idea who she is or where her real parents are.

They hope releasing the pictures of her might prompt people to come forward with information.

The girl was discovered during a search of a home in a community of Roma, also known as gypsies, near the town of Larissa in central Greece, police said.

Photo blog: The plight of the Roma

Police first became suspicious because the girl, who is blonde with very pale skin and blue eyes, did not resemble the couple who claimed to be her parents.

When the couple were then questioned, “they changed repeatedly their story about how they got the child,” a police statement said, compounding the officers’ suspicions.

DNA testing then “showed that there was not any genetic compatibility” between the girl and the 39-year-old man and the 40-year-old woman, the police said, meaning they cannot be her biological parents.

The girl was immediately taken from the couple and entrusted to the care of a charity called The Smile of the Child. The charity said it would look after her “until a solution in the best interest of the child is found.”

The two people posing as her parents have been arrested and face charges of abducting a minor, as well as counts of falsifying identity documents, said the state-owned Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

Among the suspect documents found by police was a 2009 birth and baptism registration from Athens authorities, the news agency said.

Handout photo released by Greek police shows an unidentified 4-year-old girl who was found on October 17, 2013 near Farsala in central Greece during a crackdown on illegal activities by Roma. Officials believe ‘Maria’ may have been a victim of abduction or child trafficking. The little girl was allegedly being used to beg on the streets

The 40-year-old woman also had two different valid identification documents and, based on family registration records, appears to have given birth to three children between June and November 1993, and another three children between October 1994 and February 1995, it said.

In fact, the state-run AMNA news agency reported this woman had two family residence registrations indicating she was mother to 10 children — five girls and a boy in Larissa, plus four girls in Trikala.

The 39-year-old man is registered as the father of four more children.

Greece’s government has promised to help the child. In the meantime, the little girl is being given support by a police psychologist, the police said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the European Hotline for Missing Children or contact The Smile of the Child.

The girl’s discovery will likely prompt speculation she may have been abducted or trafficked — which, if proven, could serve to fuel prejudice against the Roma community within Greece and elsewhere.

Rights group Amnesty International has called on the European Union to take action to end discrimination against the 6 million Roma, describing them as “the largest and most disadvantaged minority in the region.”

In May, Amnesty International said Greece had been found guilty of discrimination against Roma schoolchildren in three separate rulings by the European Court of Human Rights.

CNN’s Joseph Netto and journalist Elinda Labropoulou contributed to this report.

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Child Shield, USA Guarantees Their One-of-a-Kind Child Safety Program

July 23, 20130 Comments

Child Shield, USA a national organization dedicated to the safety of America’s children, now guarantees their comprehensive child safety program.

Yesterday, 2,143 children went missing in the United States. These children have vanished and have not been seen or heard from over 24 hours. Their parents are desperately looking for any trace of where they may be, what has happened to them or who has taken them. The worst fears and thoughts of what may be happening to their children right now is every parent’s unthinkable nightmare. Add to that fear, the feeling of being totally helpless and confused. What do I do now? What else can be done? The authorities should be doing more! The feeling of guilt, what else should I have done? How could I have prevented this from happening? If only I could have protected them from this terrible tragedy. Yesterday was truly a tragic day.

It is hard to believe that yesterday over 2,000 children disappeared right here in the United States. But what is inconceivable is that approximately 2,000 more will go missing again today, and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next… How can we stop the spread of this disease? How can we protect what is our most precious and cherished possession on earth? Through education, that’s how.

Child Shield, USA is the largest, oldest and most respected missing child prevention company there is. Since 1990, they have been keeping America’s children safe and have the only “guaranteed” comprehensive child safety program available. Child Shield, USA’s mission is to reduce the alarming numbers of lost, missing abducted and runaway children in America and to offer parents and law enforcement agencies a “one stop – one call” source for immediate assistance. To date, nearly 2,000,000 of their comprehensive child safety programs have been marketed in the United States and they have a 100% safe recovery rate.

Child Shield, USA is so sure that its program is the only comprehensive, child safety program available; they are now offering a $1,000 guarantee. If any member of Child Shield, USA can show them any other company or organization that is duplicating all of the benefits Child Shield, USA offers to protect children, they will provide the Child Shield, USA service to them for 10 years for FREE and will write them a check for $1,000.

Child Shield, USA wants to empower parents and children to stop child predators. With the growth of Child Shield, USA, it is hoped there will be a reduction in the number of abducted and missing children in America. For FREE information that could save your child’s life, please call 818-219-4165 or visit www.childshieldusa.com/rgipson.

How To Protect Your Children – Safety Of Your Child Comes First

May 16, 20130 Comments

Are you experiencing sleepless nights over the gory details of Cleveland abduction case involving the trio of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and MichelleKnight, and growing uncertain about the safety of your little one? As a parent, it’s quite natural to worry yourselves over the safety of your child. But at the same time, it’s crucial to ensure that your child’s safety is foolproof.

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight Go Missing For 10 Years

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight Go Missing For 10 Years

We always mold the situation in accordance with our convenience. This is not a healthy approach to follow, when it comes to the safety of our loved ones. Remember what goes around can come around. This is not to scare you, but an urge to wake you from slumber regarding your child’s safety. Not every abducted child is as lucky as Amanda Berry to escape from the clutches of the abductor.

How To Protect Your Children

The statistics will further alarm you. In the United States, a child is abducted or goes missing every 40 seconds. Each year 800,000 cases of missing children, which comes to nearly 2,000 children everyday are reported to the law enforcement agencies. It’s quite an irony that a family is supposed to look after the safety of a child, but in the United States; family child abduction is the most common kind of abduction.

Teach your child to be careful while dealing with strangers. Think, read or research about the most common or possible designs used by the abductors and convey to your child, these possible danger signs. Build a strong rapport with your children, so that they come and report to you, should someone try to entrap them or mislead them.

If you have young ones at home; you need to be cautious at all times. Ensure that they are not playing in the yard all by themselves with no parental supervision. Many of us still leave our kids alone at homes, while going away on a party or a late night dinner. While it was safe practice, a decade back, it is practically unthinkable nowadays. We tend to go careless over this one, but make sure that the security system of the house is in perfect working order.

Parental supervision is of paramount importance while your children are playing out with other kids. It happens that children play about in the streets with none to watch over them.  Watch closely, if you find a mysterious person loitering aimlessly about the street of your house. Also, keep an eye on the neighbors going out of their ways to please your child. This doesn’t imply in the least that you end up making your child, paranoid. Act your part well to strike a balance between the two.

If your child sees a stranger outside the premises of his school noticing him/her in an unusual manner, report the matter immediately to the local police. Remember alertness is the key in such incidents. These are small instances, but the ones that need attention. And finally, with all that education to your child and yourself, you can be certain of your child’s safety to some degrees.

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