Tag: School Bullying

Survivor Of Child Abuse And Bullying Speaks Out

December 28, 20148 Comments

Today, I am a voice, a dedicated advocate, for all victims of abuse—each person who has ever suffered sexual abuse, bullying, or the need to hide who they re…

Help Stop The Bullying Of Disabled Children

December 18, 20142 Comments

Good statistics on disabled children being bullied.

Abby’s Story – A Bullying Story

December 8, 201425 Comments

This video shows just what can happen if you’re a bully. Think before you speak. Think before you act. Bystanders, you have the most power, use it in the right way.

Should You Tell Your Child That Ignoring Bullying Will Make It Stop?

November 17, 20140 Comments

Once upon a time, “Just ignore it” was standard advice. But according to psychologist and bullying expert Maurice Elias, times have changed.

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