Childcare Teacher Arrested For Child Abuse

July 11, 201324 Comments

A 51-year-old Singapore teacher was arrested on Sunday in connection to an alleged child abuse case that took place at a childcare center in Toa Payoh. The 3-year-old boys father said his son suffered a hair line fractore on his left shin.

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  1. patOMATO SMILES says:

    Hopefully none of this will happen again….

  2. Rnee Brt says:

    All teachers in that room should be fired! None of them came to help the child, one of the teacher asked the boy to stand up and walk and did not help when the boy fell down.

  3. Roy Muk says:

    Well said.

  4. kurosakizh says:

    Diploma trained teacher… I don’t think so

  5. Roy Muk says:

    The child is gifted… a Kin-esthetic Learner. And this teacher had to inflict fear into him and fracture his leg… Horrible.

  6. Nurul Asyiqin says:

    That is why you can never trust a teacher .

  7. Joanne Melissa says:

    Raytheon orangel mind ur language u fucker

  8. Joanne Melissa says:


  9. Joanne Melissa says:

    Amir Harlem just care about ur fucking parents

  10. Joanne Melissa says:

    Sharc solu care about ur race/religion and Just MYOB DOG

  11. Felicia Ng says:

    Damn it
    The teacher

  12. 2vibranthearts says:

    What has race or religion have to do anything? This just shows whether the teacher is competent enough as someone trained in Early Childhood. I am currently pursuing a Diploma in Early Childhood and seeing all these derogatory remarks is honestly just disgusting. Why are we targeting the fact that she is a Malay and a Muslim? Race and religion are very sensitive issues in Singapore. Please open your eyes.

  13. Noble6Marcus says:

    First thing i see the teacher if i regonized:
    Stay away
    Dun listen
    thats all

  14. omarssvcs says:

    Joanne Melissa, I’m gonna report your racist remarks to the police. Standby!!

  15. bestaeroplane says:

    I was abused when I was a kid.I could remember evrything when I was only 3 yrs old.People slap me,kick me,bully me,punched me.I tried many times to commit suicide by slamming my head on the cement floor very hard.I got terrible headache and I fainted.Ahh,I thought this times,I would be successful because it was painful than before.I woke up in the middle of the night,I look around,Dang,I was unsuccessful again.My mom shouted at me,GO to sleep!! she swing and slapped me till I fainted.

  16. DarkNep says:


  17. highferis says:

    As a parent, who bare to throw force at your own child. No matter how active the child is, one has to know he/she is behaving because of his/her age. My stand is:
    1. Survey the child care of your choice and monitor.
    2.To interact with all the teachers and sense their attitude.
    3. Monitor child for a week if he/she is disturbed at a foreign place.
    4. Ask for assurance although now is no place!!

    As a parent, throwing tantrum/frustration or starving a learning child is not in my dictionary.

  18. highferis says:

    Nowadays, the parents are delighted when they know that their child do not need to be on the waiting list rather than learning more how the school and teachers conduct their daily routine. It is because, child care centre are a shortage NOW!!!

  19. highferis says:

    CNA reported that “the centre did not hide anything from the boy’s parents”. Didn’t the centre say the boy fell by his own initially? Change the CEO please.

  20. Marnellie Martinez says:

    Kahit ano pang kulit ng bata..Dapat di nya sinaktan…

  21. Wilechaser says:

    The reported is so damn cute.

  22. Joanne Melissa says:

    Omarsscvs just mind your own when there is so many comments to look at why must look at my

  23. Joanne Melissa says:

    Omarsscvs just mind your own buisness when there is so many comments to look at y must look at my comment

  24. Sheera Sudan says:

    Joanne melissa plz dont say about others religion or god. Who the fuck u think u r to past those judgement to the malay community n muslim god. U just wait n see people going to report u to the authority. What a racist remark. THIS IS SINGAPORE!!!!

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