Cyber Bully’s Mother Arrested For Child Abuse [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

October 22, 201325 Comments

The mother of a teen accused of bullying a girl until she committed suicide was arrested today on suspicion of child abuse.

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  1. dscott6629 says:

    They aren’t conducting a wake for the girl – it’s a discussion on how social and family influences can affect behaviour. And going out to buy a buffalo burger because you watched an ad is an excellent example of how deeply we can be “programmed” subconciously, even as adults. The comment was decidedly on topic. Take your meds and sit on your hands for awhile.

  2. TectonicTsunami says:

    that’s what happens when there is no father around = FAMILIES NEED FATHERS and FEMINISTS can kindly get BACK to the KITCHEN where they BELONG.

  3. newspartan79 says:

    I apologize, you are correct, they did say at the beginning of the video that it was not the kid in question. Previous statement redacted.

  4. Rider Libertas says:

    Adults threatening kids is illegal, so no, I deliberately did not. For fear of my not being able to stop myself from doing a little bullying of my own.

  5. nathan vanstory says:

    This asshat just say video games influence violence? O lord

  6. santa mann says:

    its not the apple… it the whole tree!

  7. fefesfrtwet says:

    “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?” – That’s a view that just promotes prejudice. This girl obviously suffered during her childhood and that led (+ other factors) to her bulling other children. She needed an outlet. BUT this could have happened without her mother necessarily being the damaged person she is. The bully’s actions were due to environmental influences not genetic. Using that expression implies that there is validity in judging people based on their parents.
    That’s just wrong.

  8. Robert Heifner says:

    Actually video games do cause violence. For example, I get violent when my game lags.

  9. guyfromostrava says:

    Well, I watched half of it and I have to say that is pure cherry picking. A few points that I gathered: It says that parents say they punish children because they lost it. How many percent? That is the thing, the summary does not show at what rate does the chance of the children becoming abnormal is. And more importantly what is the percentage of children with abnormal behaviour that is DIRECTLY linked to spanking. Because “much more likely” is as scientific as the Westboro church.

  10. chiefy67 says:

    my dad told me, if hes bigger than u , hit him with a brick….. i did just that

  11. Luiz Duarte says:

    “We don’t teach kids to lose” great point by Ben.

  12. Forge_Joke says:

    Not all violent video games influence violence , ill be the first admit I play COD competitively but i wouldn’t hurt a soul unless I HAVE to

  13. futureLFCnumber9 says:

    I may be in a minority but I actually feel some sympathy for the 14 year old. When you have a mother like that it’s not a surprise that she would engage in the same type of behavior.

  14. Brenton Bolderoff says:

    calm down. I’m a gamer.

  15. GrimTheCrow says:

    He mentioned “violent videogames”. I still wonder why people go to the military…
    I’ll also mention my newly made (right now) theory based on the same concept that violent videogames that leads to violent behavior: Schools makes bullies and generates “problem children”.

  16. Smirnoff71 says:

    I was bullied but no one helped me, resulting in me becoming a bully that took revenge on my bullies on the last day school day. I broke the biggest bullie’s arm on the schoolyard while the rest fled.. my quest of revenge ended 20 years later, in a bar.. finding the last bully that fled that last day in summer on the schoolyard… he was scared, pissed his pants and cried like a bitch, pleading on his knees for mercy… I gave him hell.. they created a monster, but for now.. it’s asleep!

  17. kaiden carl says:

    Pfft, seen worst.

  18. kaiden carl says:

    Just kidding

  19. Robert Weizenberg says:

    u mad bro?

  20. erni says:

    yeah, but there is a difference between getting bullied by a big kid which still wets his pants and some sociopaths who would literally beat you to death.
    the right answer is to call the authorities. after all that’s why the authorities are there, to keep order. kids must learn that they need to play their cards right and it’s not by strength how win but by outwitting you enemy.

  21. emeralds222 says:

    Was the person filming this laughing? Also… the video clip was very short. We don’t know the entire story. Of course the mother was crazed.. but why? Mental illness? Drugs? Also… had she reached out to society for help? Did the school have any clue?

    Life isn’t simple.. also.. kids need protection from other children. There are those who do not have empathy, although I do believe most kids do.

  22. Stephanie L says:

    The mother was probably shaped by violence too.

  23. Ismael Munoz says:

    you seem kind of emotional are you on your period? faggot

  24. dip sheot says:

    I once knew a friend who got bullied. guess what he did, he didn’t mope around and be a pussy he started to lift and I’m being serious. he started to see gains and eventually started ddoing martial arts. The bullies didn’t pay much attention. cause by the time we. were in high school people realize that bullying other people is for faggots who think they’re cool and are living in the past.

  25. erni says:

    no, he should not apologise. those millions of gamers are idiots who just fall for any advertisement as long as it’s their favorite game.
    preorders which really is just you gambling with the game and getting some shit bonus stuff which you won’t even use.
    let alone how they fall by just a trailer of a game. space colonial marine is such an example. some people are just weak.

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