The Realities Of Cyber Bullying And Teen Suicide In America

September 9, 20131 Comment

The Hawaii Youth Services Network had a discussion about “The Realities of Cyber Bullying and Teen Suicide in America”. This was part of a series on Cyber-Bullying & Violence. The panel took  a candid look at  Cyber Bullying which has become an alarming trend on the web.

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  1. improv777 says:

    You know, this is sad there parents need to go forward to the fbi. Victims need to meet with an fbi agent in person and form a relationship. Victims need to take their documentation forward and need to also be truthful and point out anything they might have done also out of anguish also. But they need to be upfront and honest and disclose all because lying to the fbi is a serious crime. Meeting with the fbi is serious. The fbi opens investigations based on evidence.

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