The Stream – Moroccans Confront Child Sex Tourism

August 11, 201315 Comments

The Stream examines Morocco’s “Danielgate” controversy and what can be done to combat child sex abuse and stop sex offenders.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. ammar5388 says:

    PPL if u want call me a terrorist or whatever u want but I swear to God if that Guy was between my hands now I would kill him and put him in the cross like Jesus… I don’t want to see my son , brother, sister, nephew etc… To be fuckedd by a monster like that and live with pain his/her whole life……

  2. RafaelFernandeSantos says:

    Most such tourists are wealthy or politically power. What they do happens with the complicity of the Moroccan government, and of some Euro governments as well.

  3. Rohit Chauhan says:

    poverty stricken countries are the major attraction !!! and the biggest boost for these offenders that they can get away with it after paying some money !!! this is sick and completely inhumane to think like this that they can take the innocence of the child away !!! I hope Govts. of countries should eradicate these people from the country

  4. conduit99 says:

    Satire: What are we gonna do with those White CHRISTIAN Rapists. Theyre always travelling for child sex tourism

  5. Luke Snyder says:

    Femi Oke is one of the most competent, able, and intriguing hosts I’ve ever seen in a news broadcast. She has absolutely proven to be the best choice for hosting this show.

  6. Hicham Bouljrouf says:

    It’s time for a parliamentary monarchy here in Morocco.

  7. MeltedPearls says:

    Excellent coverage! Here in the States, we are alarmed and active in exposing this kind of child abuse. It is not a Moroccan issue alone, but a worldwide disease and plague. Stay strong!

  8. nevergounder says:

    Morocco, protect Your children! Don’t let monsters with the money twist the Young ones. Children are the future of Morocco and once they are hurt in such perverted way, it’s almost certain, that in the future, once they grow up, they will do that to other children. It is confirmed in European countries, so it may happen in Your country. Teach Your children about the problem. Warn the parents and keep Your eyes wide open. Start the debate to force the government to solve it. God Bless You All!

  9. Ben Willock says:

    She’s not too bad on the eyes either :p

  10. Ouarza62 says:

    Ministry of toursim : “Morocco an arabic country” are you sure about that ? What are amazigh people for her ? invaders ?

  11. Ben Franklin says:

    I’ve worked in corrections for the past 8 years. The amount of sex offenders in my country is skyrocketing. It’s one of the most disgusting aspects of my job that I have to speak to these people and interact with them professionally, when I would much rather line them up and execute them. They don’t just take innocence, they destroy lives for their own sick appetites. I wish I could cut the other prisoners loose on them and watch the fun.

  12. foresakenlion says:

    I love how this entire program run by Qatari State TV ignores the fact that if there is child sex tourism then that means the locals of Morocco are raping these children.

    Muslim locals of Morocco are raping children.

    What does this say about Islam?

  13. trinisuprazee says:

    agreed! I said it on her first show that she’s doing a FANTASTIC job.

  14. trinisuprazee says:

    not a fan of Malika…

  15. mahshooshi says:

    I feel sick its discusting. the class situation is appealing. no rights for the poor in Morocco. when is this going to happen?

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