Bullied Victim Fights Back In Sydney Australia School

June 10, 201323 Comments

This footage was recorded by a student at Chifley College in Sydney, Australia. The video has gained worldwide attention by the media and parents. The video shows a young man tired of being bullied and fights back. You bullies out there better leave people alone or this might just happen to you.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. aqibamranify says:

    Omg (spechless)=-O

  2. TheFreeFlow says:

    Good are you really so blind and so stupid?

    You can clearly see that the skinny kid is hitting him and making stupid faces at him the whole time, you can also clearly see how the fat kid tried to go away –> to get his peace, but the bully wouldnt stop.

    Either your really blind and stupid or your simply probably a skinny ribcage yourself and thats why you hate fat people, so or so you are pathetic. Good day to you sir.

  3. Rayderkia says:

    To bad u didnt die when he threw u

  4. evo81286 says:

    what the hell the lil skinny kid doing did his parents ever told him not to pick fights especialy if the other kid is like twice his size…lol

  5. CookieMonster4670 says:

    That dancing tooth pick was bullying him?

  6. VaticanAssassion says:

    I usually dont support violence among young people…BUT THAT FUCKING PUSSY DESERVED THAT SO HARD. xD

  7. Cameron Mills says:

    I knew Jack shouldn’t have tried to bully Piggy like that..Using his glasses to light fires and shit? Just a matter of time….

    Yes I just referenced Lord of the Flies because they’re British and their body types match up reasonably well…..

  8. takiatakiaw says:


  9. kinq lucky says:

    Yo that kid went from innocent to death from darksiders 2 XD

  10. Clayton Cuthrell says:

    Hey, that is the only way to stop bully’s,that don’t mean I support fighting or violence either.

  11. efrankie90 says:

    i made that up

  12. Melina Casas says:

    I’m glad that Casey stood up for himself. It sounds like 4 boys r in the background laughing Casey getting beat up!!

  13. GuiltyBlackGuy says:

    Casey later admitted he was the bully all along.

  14. austin banning says:

    This is big insertion for me

  15. azurecane1 says:

    Fucked his world around lol

  16. CaptainAndMolly says:

    I would of liked it more if he also beat up that dumbass at the end with the balck backpack that was like ” oh that was so uncalled for “

  17. BADKID748 says:

    you cant really call this a punch

  18. bigbutluva says:

    Sad to say he should’ve finished him that bully shit korny you like 10 pounds and this dude ya pops size should’ve dropped him right on that kokonut

  19. Revolution5268 says:

    I heard from the interview that the girl film this and put this on facebook. it seems that these girls don’t like casey.

  20. cr8sk8tr8 says:

    Now you know what “you better check yo self before you wreck yo self ” means. Who’s da bitch now ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  21. mrtruthforever says:

    Whoever is recording, we hear “go Richard go”,”wow, this is going to be sad, bro”,”keep recording”.Not clear if it’s a girl or boy whose puberty hasn’t kicked in enough to give a man’s voice;nonetheless, if it were a “girl”; she certainly shouldn’t be laughing&encouraging a bully;getting off filming it for amusement. If she had any conscience, we would have heard it on the tape. She didn’t seem too concerned about Casey’s welfare.

  22. HULKSMASH35674 says:

    get shit on

  23. XxSk8erboix says:


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