Uganda Nanny Exposed Abusing Toddler

November 27, 201425 Comments

WARNING: Shocking footage of a nanny in Uganda abusing a toddler under her care has gone viral. According to reports, the footage was caught on a camera that was secretly installed in the home.

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  1. Luie Ribeiro says:

    I would kill the BITCH!!!!!!!!

  2. Reese Rodriguez says:

    Jesus if your listening to me I think it’s time you come back to earth and
    show the world to be in a greatful place and it’s time for you to come back
    to earth it has been 1000 years so far

  3. Dana Berki says:


  4. Michele Johnson-Utter says:

    This woman deserves the living FUCK beat outta her……OMG!!!

  5. charles Banda says:

    she is wicked

  6. oh ok i see says:

    The situation is worse than what is portrayed in this video. 

  7. natasha cole says:

    OMG i am speechless

  8. Anghel Vega says:

    move to Fergunson-USA!

  9. le messie says:

    Laissez vos commentaires.
    Comment please. ..

  10. Edwill Fourie says:

    I hope this dear little angel has no permanent damage and recover/recovered
    quickly. This incident is heart breaking to even imagine. I wish her
    love and happiness throughout the rest of her life. 

  11. malebogo manyanye says:

    People like this woman must be tortured by chopping off their hands and
    feet. This is really heartbreaking. It’s appauling how some women can be
    heartless and that such cruelty exists in someone’s heart. I pray that this
    woman gets a heavy sentence in court for doing what she did, she must be
    locked away for life.

  12. rnbpanchayat olpad says:

    Bloody devil nany..

  13. Yodelis Sosa says:

    Burn dat puta up she don’t got to live leave her burn in hell forever

  14. Lucian Bartus says:


  15. Ve Nus says:

    *SUBHUMAN FILTH deserves to have every bone in her body broken. One by one.*
    She was trying to crush the spine and ribs of a 2 year old by trampling her
    on the ground. Such a tiny, defenseless body cannot cope with being beaten,
    kicked, and stomped on by an adult.. and all because this fucking animal
    was force-feeding a sick child. I hope that the little girl will recover,
    but sadly nightmares will be scarred into her forever…

  16. Edisson Abel Contreras Sarmiento says:

    matenla csm

  17. yaqbec23 says:

    I would say that death penalty is right to this situation. But it would be
    too fast, she deserves to pain years.

  18. Barrington Bhleg says:


  19. MissFeliz says:

    My goodness. I can’t believe anyone would do that to a poor defenseless
    child. That poor little girl. I’m balling from watching that. Horrible!

  20. Mkayla Mcdaniels says:

    That nanny deserve to be beaten so many times like that is really scary
    like nobody should do that to a child or to anyone

  21. Ser Douchebag says:

    I’m pretty sure this was Martin Luther Kings dream.

  22. BRANSCOMBEx says:

    I hope he beat her good

  23. Gerardo Castro says:
  24. Beth Hagan says:

    If I were that Child’s mother, I would have beat that Nanny to death.

  25. Ernestina Nkooe says:

    And Africa will be saved. We really do need the Holy Spirit’s intervention
    today more than ever. This video maybe should be removed out of respect for
    the baby? God! Parents please take care of your babies if you really and
    truly love them. Evil nannies (aka job creation) should not be tolerated in
    society and anyone who harms a living child maybe should be gassed not hung
    or tried

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