Vivian Vosburg arrested, charged with child abuse, neglect

October 19, 201324 Comments

The mother of a teen who was recently charged in the bullying of Rebecca Sedwick is facing multiple child abuse charges, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Department.

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  1. Rosey Ganoe says:

    She actually is the STEPMOTHER of this kids. They are all laughing…yes they are all trailer trash morons. And as far as what happened with the girls…turns out it was all over a boy that they both dated…even though they are too young to be dating anyhow. I hope the parents of the two girls get sued by the parents of the dead girl.

  2. Rosey Ganoe says:

    This is in Lakeland, Polk County, FL….which is notoriously the scurge of Florida I agree…but it is only a fractional part of the wonderful state of Florida. Every state has a region like this!!!

  3. Rosey Ganoe says:

    If the Sheriff’s Dept hadn’t found this video on here…that moron wouldn’t have been arrested!!!! Or are you taking this moron’s side…and you are a child abuser as well?

  4. Rosey Ganoe says:

    Lakeland is the welfare and Meth capitol of Florida!!!!

  5. Timbon Jones says:

    Why are little white girls calling each other niggers?

  6. ZX2ManDave says:

    Because they are wiggers = white niggers.

  7. Roshell Williams says:

    Wow it’s white trash acting like beasts. What a shocker. I’m so surprised that white people are acting this way. Only those darn negroes do. They must be blacks in full costume. Feel the sarcasm yet?

  8. Timbon Jones says:

    Welfare trash no doubt

  9. Zazzle Delacruz says:

    Flagler and Putnam counties would get my vote for welfare and meth too. Rural Florida is the white trash ass crack of America.

  10. Ana Lytical says:

    The sad cycle of dysfunctional minds 🙁

  11. Tony Prime says:

    Sheriff Grady Judd has his hands full but he’s a hero in pinellas county. That man runs justice with an iron fist.

  12. Kevin Melancon says:

    isn’t her husband Latino?? but all you see is white?? See my sarcasm???

  13. Kevin Melancon says:

    latino, bra

  14. Kevin Melancon says:

    they not white

  15. Kevin Melancon says:

    not Louisiana

  16. tampaplaya26 says:

    WHITE TRASH!!!!!!!

  17. Bruce Schweizer says:

    Welcome to Florida. Why do you not need a permit to have kids? These are our reference points now-rapidly becoming the new normal. Middle America is fading and the two extremes are starting to make me sick.

  18. William Wolfe says:


  19. frosie happy says:

    This society scares me. These women should not be called women they are obviously still stuck in a childish mind. I happy this I never see this behavior in my family. I would cry if I actually saw something like this.

  20. DestroyAllRednecks says:

    Teabaggers at home.

  21. Mariana Trujillo says:

    That rachetry though

  22. Jeromy Rowland says:

    What the fuck. How was this woman ever allowed to have custody of her children?

  23. av8orguy says:

    Can we stop fighting about her race! I don’t care what her background is. Color does not play a roll in the fact that this women is an unfit parent. It’s sad that her children are ruined for life because they were not raised properly. Unfortunately if she goes to jail it won’t fix anything.

  24. Miriam Myrsiades says:

    I hope she rottens in Jail. She should never be allowed to get out. I feel so bad for this kids. I hope they don’t become like her.

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