When Your Child’s the School Bully: Supernanny US

April 24, 201525 Comments

The Weston’s have two children, Andrew who is four and Shaun who is eleven months old. They need help with their eldest child Andrew who has developed a reputation for hurting other kids and…

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  1. Kevin Sirju says:

    I’m sorry what I said about andrew, delete my comment please Supernanny

  2. Shania Gajadhar says:

    Andrews a big big big big bully the biggest bully in the world you should
    escort Andrew by his hands and feet to his room 

  3. GenesisFanatic1999 says:

    Use condoms.

  4. Austin Williams says:

    I feel sorry for his little brother and that little girl

  5. puppyhowler says:

    Andrew get’s alittle rough with his brother
    ALITTLE ROUGH!? he trampled over him like the wildabeasts to mufasa!

  6. - Reece - says:

    When he’s at the table with his food. “I don’t want itttttt.”
    Me ” then start to death you little mother trucker.”

  7. Wejolt Kratona says:


  8. jordan becknell says:

    Oh gosh he is such a bully.

  9. Jason Byers says:

    Is it normal for me to watch all super nanny episodes?

  10. noey the blondie says:

    Supernanny, you have all of my respect. I highly admire you and your advice
    is magical on the show and I bet that on the show many parent viewers
    utilize these videos as parenting hacks

  11. TheSwenglishSimmer says:

    That poor little angel , and poor Sean too.

  12. lolo moody says:

    zzz feeds. 

  13. Emma Van Zandt says:

    Woah he gets kicked out of school

  14. Rena Slough says:

    That little boy learned that behavior from either daycare or home or both .

  15. The Lizard says:

    this child obviously has some sort of mental issue or has learned it
    through someone else? Children aren’t usually…inherently violent, are
    they? This is terrifying.

  16. potato shaped potato says:

    If I were older and had a kid like him I would slap him so hard he will
    feel it in his ass

  17. Julia Burns says:

    Crap. I have a brother who acts like that. I have cancer again, and every
    time he can’t have something he blames me for that reason. He even told my
    father they “were stupid f**** excuses”
    If I ended up with a child like that too, you can bet on it that I’d deal
    with the child. FAST. If i had to listen to “I DON’t WANNNNNTTTTTTTT
    IIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT” night after night, I’d be plucking that brat up and
    putting him in bed. Midnight snacks are a no go. 

  18. Belieber Girl says:

    bullying A NO NO TO ME

  19. Franki Selby says:

    I think Fred and Andrea really need to put more action into disciplining
    Andrew. They need to be more firm with him because he’s being a bully to
    poor Sean and Anaya! Still, it’s Jo Frost on a mission to solve the
    parents’ problem with Andrew.

  20. Melo Pelo says:

    Why do parents allow a child to act like that? It’s like the adults are the

  21. Julia Grinnan says:

    Ooooooooooooo she’s so cool (look out we have a badass over here)

  22. Zoe Moore says:

    Andrew is so mean to anaya and his baby brother suan. I am having a feeling
    that andrew seems a little taller then anaya so its kind of telling me that
    andrew is older then anaya. I know andrews 4 soandrew might be 4 and anayas

  23. Amir Loves Chooks says:

    If he came to my house I would faint

  24. Molly Peceu says:

    Okay if I was the mother of the little girl that the boy is hitting I would
    tell the boy’s mother that he can not play with her anymore because he is
    too mean and aggressive to her

  25. Molly Peceu says:

    Sean is so cute I love babies

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