Women Respond To Their Childhood Bullies

April 9, 201525 Comments

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  1. Wondorstruck says:

    When I was thirteen I remember sitting next to the boy I liked. We were
    talking and then out of nowhere he looked at my legs and said “you need to
    shave, see, like her” and pointed to my best friend. I remember feeling so
    ashamed of my own body hair, why was I made to feel like something so
    natural was so wrong? My response to that boy now would be “Why are you so
    scared of girls natural bodies? stop freaking out. It’s just hair”.

  2. RapandRocker says:

    That’s true! To all the people who bullied me, THANK YOU!! for making me
    stronger ♥

  3. JasmineLikesMeat❄ says:

    doesnt bullying mean something that is repeated over and over in an
    aggressive way? A lot of these sound like people picking on these ladies
    and a few of them didn’t sound like bullying in the slightest, just someone
    openly judging them. tbh i was expecting them to stand up for themselves
    and fight back the bullies at a later age…

  4. Hedda Laabak says:

    That feeling when your friends’ “jokes” actually start to hurt.. 

  5. 506TAG says:

    On this video, everyone’s trying to comfort the people in the female
    version. But in the comments of the male version of this video, there are a
    lot that say “oh you guys are pussies” and “that’s not real bullying”.
    Really makes you think, huh?

  6. Bo Sublime says:

    This made me cry I was bullied severely from fifth grade until I dropped
    out of high school in 10th grade and I remember people calling me a cow and
    mooing at me because I’ve always been chubbier than everyone else and I was
    bullied by a group of five boys and their 2 twin boys in the group who were
    relentless. that they would make me eat wood chips they would throw up on
    me throw rocks at me I would come home covered in bruises and I remember
    just hating myself and I still really struggle with that. Im 18 years old
    now and I have to say that I’m starting to like my body more more each day.
    Don’t listen to people who were mean. Your perfect the way you see and yo u
    will find someone who sees that.

  7. HippyTheIrishmen says:

    Theres a girl in my class, she has a moustache. No one mocks her because
    she plays rugby and is about 6″3 =/

  8. ashley johnson says:

    Those who bully do it because the only way they can feel good about
    themselves is if they knock others down. Forget about doing something nice
    to feel good. Nah, they weren’t capable of doing that. They had to make fun
    of others instead. Sad how parents fail at teaching their kids respect. 

  9. Izzy Landers says:

    This year this bitch in my class said that I should get Ebola because I’m
    black, that she would hire me as her ninja because in also Asian and
    there’s this video on the internet and she replaced the name in the video
    with my name the video goes like this; so I was up in my room and I walked
    in and she stabbed my 37 times in the chest. She is a bitch and always will
    be.so to her I would say, F you I’m sorry that you are jealous, it’s not my
    fault I am FAB! 

  10. gina cuba says:

    I’m a chubby, gay, liberal kid at a Catholic school in the suburbs. Other
    kids call me ‘jina’ (as in the va), and one time when I was walking home, a
    boy pushed me into the street and called me a fat faggot. I’m going to a
    public high school next year and I can’t wait to get away from all of them
    after 11 years. Only 52 more days to go until I graduate the 8th grade. 

  11. KatieFerretsReborns says:

    In my sophomore year of college (yes COLLEGE) I guy called me a fat ass
    bitch and compared me to the Woman/Venus of Willendorf. If I had the chance
    I would tell him “Yes! I’m a priceless artifact that is a symbol of beauty
    and the ideal woman.”

  12. Mochi Kitten says:

    I love quintas top :D

  13. Max Marley says:

    This may sound like me being a dick (and it probably is) but I personally
    can’t stand it when fat people just complain about being called fat all day
    and do nothing about it

  14. Shapeless Swan says:

    got bullied for being dark skin and having no butt by other black people
    they called me white girl because of they way i speak and the music i
    listen to. i was always so sad as a kid because others were just so mean to
    me for being me. 

  15. Kate Mitchell says:

    I’ve had really bad eczema since I was a baby, it’s a skin condition where
    your skin gets red and itchy and irritated, and I remember in second grade
    a boy came up to me and asked me, “what’s wrong with your arms?” And I told
    him that it was eczema, but of course, being a second grader, he
    immediately ran away screaming about how he was going to catch my skin
    disease, and told the whole grade that I was contagious. I still get
    remarks or taunts about the “hickeys” on my arms and legs. Yeah, great

  16. Killer_kitty-446 says:

    I’m getting bullied by my parents :/

  17. kymea10 says:

    My small boobs are a okay

  18. Crundee says:

    So what if im fat? a small body cant fit all my awesomeness. 

  19. andrea sanchez says:

    I’m 12 and people laugh at me because I’m I have social anxiety and I’m
    Mexican and that I have mustache and hair everywhere and that I have black
    spots and pimples it really hurts I have being a victim of bullying in all
    different types of bullying but that doesn’t stop me

  20. Morgan shaw says:

    I’m 14 years old and a boy, I alway get called ugly and a tag along 🙁 but
    im not a nerdy kid I love sport and stuff.

    Also is it normal not to have a girlfriend by the age of 14? When Everyone
    else has one?

  21. MaddiRoseCook says:

    Yeah, I have large ears. Yeah, I have pointy ears. Does that mean that I’m
    ugly? Nah. I look like a cute pixie, and you’re just jealous.

  22. Destinee says:

    I got bullied for being black and having dark skin. My response is my skin
    may be dark but my soul is bright <3

  23. Karien Barsoum says:

    I know at least 1 or 2 people will read this I want to say a few things. I
    don’t care about your age, gender, weight, sexuality, race. Everyone should
    have a happy life. Everyone is human and they shouldn’t be treated like
    something else. Everybody Is special in there own way. Dont change yourself
    for someone. No matter how hard u want that person to accept u. If ur
    dealing with bullying right now in ur life , just remember you are strong u
    are powerful and u deserve to live with happiness each and every day. Those
    people who let u down have faced hard times in there life or they were weak
    at one point and they try to get power from u. It isn’t fair for someone to
    get treated like crap for nothing. Society is dumb tbh

  24. MrCrizti says:

    I think i am lucky becouse when i am bullied i have no emotions like
    sadness or anything and thath makes the bully stop .

  25. M Avila says:

    I go to a mostly asian school and im a half mexican girl and im kinda hairy.
    The asian kids on the other hand are hairless (even the guys)
    They tease me first being hairer (than thr guys) it doesn’t bother me that
    much but i feel like its starting to hurt me… XP

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