Would You Stop Child Abuse? (Social Experiment)

April 23, 201525 Comments

What would you do if you saw someone abuse and/or neglect a child out in public? Since April is child abuse prevention month, we decided to test Stockholm’s citizens by creating a public scene…

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  1. NormelTV says:

    What would you do if you saw someone abuse and/or neglect a child out in
    public? Since april is child abuse prevention month, we decided to test
    Stockholms citizens by creating a public scene resembling child abuse.
    We strongly ask you to share this video to spread the awareness of child
    abuse. Our future is only as bright as a child’s smile.

  2. YaWatBruv says:

    Its because boys need to man up. if this was done with a little girl people
    would go ape shit on you.

  3. Carl Nissen says:

    Good vid

  4. Victor F says:

    This is more like bullying a little kid in public

  5. Tyler Gabriel says:

    It’s sad that 35% would just walk away come on if I saw a child being beat
    I would do all I could to stop it

  6. chris villaseñor says:

    I think that kind of experiments are stupid

  7. Luis Valles says:

    Faith in humanity restored. 

  8. Naif Alziady says:

    WTF is wrong with those guys who did not stop !!
    I’m sure if I do this in my country no one will leave like this , everybody
    will come to help
    Even when they children .
    Russia is bad country . 

  9. coolmeta1011 says:

    bullying not child abuse

  10. Sam says:

    35% is still quite low.

  11. KarukikuGaming says:

    This doesn’t look like child abuse, looks more like some guys smacking
    around a kid.
    It makes it worse that no one steps in.

  12. юрий ерошенков says:

    Хороший эксперимент, было интересно посмотреть на реакцию людей в Швеции,
    подобное видео в России делали RM4.

  13. whitegemgames says:

    I am worried that you guys will get beat up one day

  14. bobylopo says:

    I want somebody to recreate this but this time with two huge muscular guys.

  15. cheekyoziechick says:

    This made me cry. Thank you.

  16. SuperZombiekillar says:

    1:57 whose big guys stepped in i was like “shits about to go down” 😀
    anyhow i am happy for those people who stepped in :D

  17. Matthew Z says:

    Sucks i couldn’t watch the video because i had to read subtitles…

  18. Daniel Troedsson says:

    sad part is when i live in that neighborhood and that is prob my neighbors

  19. Curley Davis says:

    woww…!!! i’m cryingggg

  20. H4WX3R says:

    *Komrad your prank have gone to shit*

  21. ContrOlli says:

    This is what happens when you create laws that get you jailed for example
    if you intervene someone beating child and then he assaults you and then
    you smack him to asphalt or stab him to protect yourself and he gets
    permanent damages or dies and then you are the one going to jail and
    paying… Seriously, in nordic countries we have such “justice” system, imo
    that’s the biggest reason why people just walked by, they didn’t want to
    get in trouble also some of them were probably too scared.

  22. DjSweetBazz says:

    behind the scenes plz

  23. زراديه و صاموله says:

    مايدرون عندنا وش يصير 

  24. MrLilmar says:

    Can you put subtitles please? I’m blind and don’t understand Spanish.

  25. felix antonio says:

    what if i still a kid?

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